An interview with Deborah Lipstadt about 'Denial' - Profile

An interview with Deborah Lipstadt about 'Denial'

AJ FROST | Special to Jewish News | Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 10:00 am

The new film “Denial” is a thriller of a different sort. Based on the true story of self-proclaimed historian (and Holocaust denier) David Irving’s libel suit against Professor Deborah Lipstadt in British court, the movie recounts the strategic and emotional stakes of the case as well as how it affected all the immediate participants. The film stars Rachel Weisz as Lipstadt, Timothy Spall as Irving, Andrew Scott as Anthony Julius and Tom Wilkerson as Richard Rampton. The Jewish News recently  interviewed  Lipstadt about her role in the making of the film, seeing the pivotal moments of the trial replicated for the camera, and her thoughts on contemporary advocates of Holocaust denial.

How involved were you in the making of this film? I played what friends of mine who work in the movie industry describe as a “substantial” role. I had four or five meetings with David Hare before he started to write the script. I was sent copies of the script in its various drafts and was asked to comment on them. Then I met with Mick Jackson when he first came on as director. Both David and Mick visited me in Atlanta to see my home, meet my friends and watch me teach. When Rachel Weisz came on board, she called me and we talked for over an hour.

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