The Arizona Natural Health Center’s signature Heal & VibeOnLife system was designed to address the six major pillars that govern health, according to the center. These include nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, detoxification, and community and social support.

The Arizona Natural Health Center is run by naturopathic doctors Danite Haller, Eric Udell and Jamie Oskin. They have more than 35 years of combined clinical experience, and have been in practice for many years.

“Our greatest accomplishment has been improving our patients’ lives by helping them transform their health,” Oskin said. “We have collectively become national experts as authors of many articles for the public and in academia, as well as international speakers teaching other health care providers at international conferences.”

The Arizona Natural Health Center also contributes to local causes such as the Zoo Walk for Autism Research and the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center.

Judaism plays a major part in the lives and work of the practitioners at the Arizona Natural Health Center. The Udell-Haller children attended Jewish preschool at Temple Emanuel. Oskin is involved in Schmooze, Valley Beit Midrash and ADL Young Leadership events, among other activities. While attending the College of  William and Mary in Virginia, he was a president of Hillel, and he met his wife at a Jewish community event.

“Our professional lives are fueled by our deep passion for tikkun olam, to repair the world, one patient at a time,” Oskin said. “This drives our mission to deliver safe, gentle and natural medicine of the highest quality to help people restore their health.”

The Arizona Natural Health Center is located at 4144 N. 44th St., Suite 7, in Phoenix. For more information, visit

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