Drs. Amanda Goldberg and Stephen Cohen

Scottsdale optometrists Stephen Cohen and Amanda Goldberg are big supporters of live theater. In order to show their support at a time when COVID-19 is causing financial hardship to local theaters, the eye doctors are hosting the fundraiser, “The Show Must Go On” on Friday, Oct. 23, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The pair will donate all proceeds earned that day, including from eye exams and the sale of glasses, contact lenses, etc., to Valley Youth Theatre and Phoenix Theatre Company. Cohen and Goldberg are affiliated with Temple Chai.

“The arts add so much to our quality of life here in the Valley, and we want to make sure they stay viable for the time when we can again all gather,” said Cohen, via email. “During a time that so many of us feel powerless, it is empowering to be able to help our patients and help the community at the same time.” 

“Judaism, like all great religions, has a strong foundation in giving,” Cohen continued. “Throughout my 34 years in practice in Scottsdale, I have maintained the attitude that in order to receive from the community, you must first give to the community. Being charitable with one’s time and resources can be one of the

most fulfilling mitzvot. Few things professionally have felt as good as helping patients and also being able to help others at the same time.”

“Children who participate in theater derive benefits that will carry forward into adulthood, even if they do not pursue theater as a career,” said Goldberg.    

“We are so very grateful for the angels in our community like Drs. Cohen and Goldberg,” said Bobb Cooper, Valley Youth Theatre’s artistic director. “We were thrilled when they reached out to us with this wonderful idea for this fundraiser.”  

Valley Youth Theatre was started 32 years ago by one of Cohen’s first patients, Hope Ozer.

The Phoenix Theatre Company recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and is the longest-running theater group west of the Mississippi. This season was the first time that production was suspended in its history.

“In a time when numerous organizations are struggling and in need of support, we’re humbled by Dr. Cohen and Goldberg’s desire to include The Phoenix Theatre Company in their philanthropic efforts highlighting the importance of community connection through the power of live theatre,” said Julia Haase, Phoenix Theatre Company’s director of patron advancement. JN

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