Pictured at the June 18 celebration are, from left, rabbis Jeremy Levy, Yonah Roth, Yudi Moskowitz, Sholom Skolnik (who led the group at the Phoenix Community Kollel), Jeremy Rovinsky, Mark Einhorn and Uriel Rodriguez.

Six young professionals recently earned their Orthodox rabbinical ordination (smicha) after studying for two years with Rabbi Sholom Skolnik at the Phoenix Community Kollel.

About 100 people attended a June 18 celebration, held at the home of the kollel’s president, David Friedman.

All of the newly ordained rabbis — Mark Einhorn, Jeremy Levy, Yudi Moskowitz, Uriel Rodriguez, Jeremy Rovinsky and Yonah Roth — plan to continue working in their current professions. Einhorn is an information security software designer, Levy is an accountant, Moskowitz is an entrepreneur, Rodriguez is a securities accountant, Rovinsky is law professor and judge pro tem, and Roth is a teacher.

“We all remain committed to continuing to grow and learn more Torah,” Rovinsky told Jewish News. “We are already brainstorming about doing another program like this in the future. We see this as the beginning, not the end!”

The study group — also known as a chabura — was formed in 2015 as a branch of the international Judaic studies program Keter HaTorah. Keter HaTorah is a yeshiva based in Israel, dedicated to teaching Jewish law to a network of chaburot around the world. The class met three times a week.

At the event, the kollel gave each of the men’s wives “Eishet Chayil” artwork, “speaking about how valued the women are and acknowledging how much they also contributed by taking care of everything at home at night for the past two years while we were studying in the kollel,” Rovinsky said.

“Eishet Chayil” translates to “Woman of Valor” and is a prayer sung on the eve of Shabbat in praise of Jewish women. JN

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