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Matt Gorman, owner of Matty G’s Steakburgers and Spirits in Mesa.


Matty G’s Steakburgers and Spirits in Mesa is a haven for all sports fans. The menu items are named after classic sports terms, every TV has a game playing and the walls and tables are dressed with paraphernalia from every team imaginable.

But don’t let the restaurant’s aesthetic and the full bar fool you — Matty G’s is more than just another sports bar. For Matt Gorman, the owner and founder of Matty G’s, the focus is on creating great food and a space for families to come together. 

“Too often you see kids on their iPhones,” Gorman explained. “The goal is to have kind of the old-school dinner together, kind of like a ’50s or ’60s old-school family dinner. Here, we don’t have music blaring, we have a game playing so you can hear the commentators. We want everyone have a fun experience.”

While Gorman has made Phoenix his home, the walls of Matty G’s show love for Gorman’s favorite Detroit teams. In fact, he feels that Matty G’s is similar to the delis he visited with his family in his native Detroit. For example, the restaurant’s atmosphere is child-friendly. Dogs are also welcome on the outside patio.

Gorman, who got his MBA at Arizona State University, opened the first Matty G’s in California with his wife and business partner, Doreen. The two opened a few more there, but just before moving to Scottsdale in 2017, they closed all but one of the California locations. In 2018, they opened the Matty G’s in Mesa, and they’re now excited to expand the chain further in Arizona. Both Glendale and Scottsdale will see their own Matty G’s restaurants open this year. The Glendale location is planned for a June 19 launch, while the Scottsdale location is expected to open in August.

The Glendale restaurant will occupy a 2,500-square-foot space and seat 110 patrons. It will also have a full bar, with 12 beers on tap and a specialty cocktail menu. Like its Mesa counterpart, there will be plenty of TVs and the aesthetic will allow customers to pick seating spaces that cater to their individual allegiances, such as a table with only Diamondbacks logos. 

Matty G’s is a fast-casual restaurant; patrons order at a counter, find a table that doesn’t require them to root for the enemy and then enjoy the food. The food options, which are not kosher, include an array of specialty smash steak burgers. The menu also contains hot dogs, tacos, wings and cocktails. 

“It’s sports bar food, but handled with care,” Gorman said. “Nothing here is poor quality or overcooked.”

In his long career of restaurant ownership and management, Matty G’s has been one of Gorman’s favorite projects. But it hasn’t always been an easy path. 

“I ran some restaurants and lost them all because of the recession,” Gorman said. “My best advice for anyone who’s thinking about running a restaurant is that your rent has to be affordable. On your worst, darkest day, can you still afford the rent? Because that’s what happened to me.”

After the recession, he opened more restaurants and was eventually able to start Matty G’s. For the moment, he’s preppping for the upcoming openings, but he has  bigger ideas for the future. 

“My dream is to have a restaurant in a casino, I’ve always wanted to have one in Vegas. My other goal is to make my restaurants international and bring one to Australia. I think that would be really cool.” JN

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