These flyers were found last week on a light pole between Broadway Road and Southern Avenue in Mesa. Other flyers were found plastered to a nearby power box.          

Police continue to investigate who is behind the posting of anti-Semitic flyers near a high school in Mesa.

Last week, authorities where contacted when flyers were found on a light pole and a power box at Crismon Road between Broadway and Southern Avenue near Skyline High School, according to Mesa Police.

Authorities stressed that the flyers were not on school property.

One flyer said, “Love Not Hate,” with a swastika replacing the “o” in the word love and a Star of David replacing the “a” in the word hate. 

A second flyer was topped with a large swastika, followed by the words, “Love Your Folk.” The third flyer declared, “You Are Not Alone,” and was accompanied by clip art of a brownshirt raising one arm in the Nazi salute while holding a Nazi flag. 

“The use of a swastika, a hate symbol, and a Star of David, a religious symbol, in this context and near a school is deeply offensive and appalling,” said Carlos Galindo-Elvira, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League Arizona. “There can be no place for hate in Arizona’s neighborhoods and communities.”

Mesa Police Department Public Information Officer Nikolas Rasheta said there are no new developments in the case.

The flyers mark the first anti-Semitic incident in Arizona in 2019. The last anti-Semitic incident logged for the state by the ADL for 2018 was an act of vandalism at Lake Havasu City’s only synagogue, Temple Beth Sholom. Lake Havasu City Police said exterior light fixtures were ripped out of a side wall, the synagogue’s large front sign was knocked over and a Star of David mosaic was marred. There are no leads in that case.

During the first 10 days of December 2018, the ADL’s Arizona regional office reported six anti-Semitic incidents across the state. 

In Yuma, swastikas and racial slurs were spray-painted on a new outdoor mural. Galindo-Elvira said police in Yuma were investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Around the same time, a swastika and the letters WP, which stand for white power, were found on a bathroom stall at a movie theater in Surprise. In Scottsdale, a woman found a piece of paper on her doorstep with a swastika on it. Anti-Semitic vandalism also occurred at two schools. 

According to the ADL, 2017 marked Arizona’s largest single-year increase of anti-Semitic incidents on record. The report listed 26 incidents, including 19 cases of harassment, six incidents of vandalism and one case of assault. JN

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