Ina Levine

The entrance to the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus in August 2020.

In August, the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus submitted a rezoning plan to Scottsdale’s city council in order to accommodate a new senior living facility on 30 acres of land abutting its current configuration at Scottsdale Road and Sweetwater Avenue.

The area is now zoned for single family residences, but if the plan gains approval, ILJCC will contract with a company to build a 185-bed senior residential facility. As it now stands, the building will include a mix of minimal and specialized care units as well as independent living units.

The approval process could take six months or more, and an agreement with a builder is yet to be made.

“It’s a win-win,” said Jay Jacobs, CEO of the Martin Pear Jewish Community Center, which is on the Ina Levine campus. “It will meet the needs of all age groups.”

He said adding a senior living facility will present a total picture of Jewish life. “It really does complete the campus,” he said.

“We’ve got infants coming into the building every day, we’ve got middle school kids — we’ve got all ages coming in and working out and going to school ... You add that [senior housing], and we’re complete.”

Additionally, the MPJCC, located on the campus since 2002, plans to expand and refresh its facility.

MPJCC’s capital campaign, “More J on the Way — Are You In?,” is ramping up again to raise funds for multiple improvements to the building, after a break due to the pandemic.

“We had to focus on being open, but now we’re going to be refocusing on the capital campaign,” Jacobs said. The campaign has already raised more than $6 million with a total goal of $10 million.

The campaign will include expanding some parts of the building as well as a refurbishment of the building overall. They have already begun renovating the locker rooms, which will ultimately mean adding six to eight youth and family changing rooms with showers. A 1,200-square-foot mind-body studio will round out the improvements to the center’s gym.

The J also plans to add onto the current social hall with an additional 3,500 square feet. The new area is being developed with a theater concept, including collapsible theater-style seating and a lighting and sound booth.

“We are not going to take on debt,” Jacobs said. “If we have enough cash to do projects, then we’ll get going.” Realistically, he said, funds will dictate what can and can’t be done.

Also located on the campus, Pardes Jewish Day School plans to expand its space to add art and music studios as well as computer labs. But the school is not looking to increase its student body. JN

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