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In our weekly Flashback section, we go into our archives to find treasures we can share with you. This week, we have a recollection from Dan Abrams, who has lived in Phoenix since 1946 and recently retired from Abrams Realty & Management. Here, he shares his connection to the early days of the Jewish News and its first publisher. 

Here is a little background on Morris B. (Bud) Goldman Jr. and some of those around him. In 1948, Bud started and ran the Jewish News in and out of the garage at his house on West Granada in Phoenix. For years, Louise Firestone Leverant was his secretary.

Bud had a very bad arthritic condition. He walked with two canes. He also used a wheelchair to get around. Still, Bud was scoutmaster of Jewish Scout Troop 31, which met at the Jewish Community Center located at the time on the former Dwight B. Heard Estate house on North Central Avenue. 

As a Boy Scout in Troop 31, I got to know Bud quite well, and since our family lived two streets away from his house, he “employed” me as a young teen to work part time for him at 50 cents an hour on the Jewish News and to do odd jobs. 

One of my Jewish News responsibilities was using a manually operated Addressograph machine to stamp the names and addresses on the papers to be mailed monthly to the subscribers. In the fall, I would make phone calls to sell High Holiday greeting ads to subscribers for $5 per ad. For that, I was paid 50 cents for each ad sold. When I was 16, Bud had me drive monthly to the Greyhound bus station in downtown Phoenix to pick up boxes of the newspapers, which were printed in Globe. Two of my other “jobs” for Bud (and Bert, his wife) included giving their dog, Topsy, a weekly bath and occasionally babysitting their two children, Morris III and Sheila.  

Bud also had a workshop in his garage. At Christmastime, he and a few of us scouts made wooden toys in his shop that were then given to needy children in Phoenix.   

He and Bert were very involved in many Jewish organizations and city civic and community activities.  

Bud was a heavy smoker. In the late 1960s or early 1970s, as I recall, Bud had a serious accident. He fell asleep smoking in bed and received very severe burns. This shortened his life and he died a few years later.

Editor’s note: Goldman transferred ownership of the Jewish News to the Newmark family in March 1961. Goldman died in February 1973. JN

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