Four decades of campers recently celebrated Shabbat together at a July 21 alumni Shabbat at Camp Daisy and Harry Stein.

More than 30 alumni of Camp Stein — and its predecessor, Camp Charles Pearlstein — attended the evening program, which included a Shabbat meal and service at the Prescott camp. They shared their memories with current campers and staff, which emphasized the camp’s impact on so many lives, said Laura Drachler, who coordinated the event.

Drachler’s daughter, Zoe, attends the camp, and Zoe’s counselor is the daughter of Drachler’s former counselor.

Former camper Lori Berman, who worked as the camp’s CIT (counselor-in-training) director in 1991, got to visit with one of her former CITs, Alan Perkel. Her two daughters and Perkel’s son both attended the camp this summer.

“The alumni events always bring us back to the roots of our camp experiences,” Berman said. “It is true that camp cultivates lifelong friendships, and it was fun to share stories and memories. Now my children are creating lifelong friendships, stories and memories of their own within that same magical camp space.”

Camp Stein, owned and operated by Congregation Beth Israel, was established in 1975 as Camp Charles Pearlstein. The camp became Camp Daisy and Harry Stein in 2012.

Another alumni Shabbat is being planned for July 2018 and an alumni weekend is scheduled for spring 2020, according to Drachler. Additionally, individual alumni also host smaller events throughout the year. Visit CCP/Camp Daisy & Harry Stein Alumni (21+) on Facebook for more information. JN

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