New York Bagels ’N Bialys has opened a second location in downtown Tempe. Co-owner Ruth Leatherman says it is intended to reflect the “core concept of the popular Scottsdale flagship, reminiscent of a New York-style deli.”

The original north Scottsdale location opened in 1987. Leatherman, who is of Armenian descent, and her business partner, Shelley Curtis, bought the restaurant from the original owners, Pauline and Martin Rabin, in 2005 and began running it three days before Yom Kippur that year. In 2009, the new owners relocated to the current Scottsdale location at Scottsdale and Cochise Roads.

More than 7,000 bagels in many varieties are made every day on site in the kosher bakery at the Scottsdale location for restaurant customers, and are also distributed across the Valley to grocery stores and resorts. With the opening of the Tempe restaurant in June of this year and the possibility of a larger location in south Scottsdale opening in about six months, Leatherman expects the per-day production of bagels to increase to about 10,000.

Leatherman and her husband, Jon, operated a family-style restaurant in Cape May, N.J. She met Curtis while working at another restaurant, and she and Jon decided to move to Arizona when Curtis came here to visit her mother. After her husband passed away, Leatherman wanted to stay in the restaurant business and the Rabins were willing to teach her how to run a bagel restaurant.

“We boil and bake every bagel,” Leatherman said, “using Pauline’s recipe, and we use her recipe for the bialys, too.” Leatherman said the way each bagel is cooked ensures a “dense, chewy bagel that’s unmatched anywhere.”

The co-owners found space on the first floor of the 922 Place Apartments in Tempe for their second location, in the heart of a building whose tenants are mostly ASU students. “But we’ve found already that a lot of Tempe residents, especially those who work in nearby offices and have no connection to ASU, are also glad we’re there,” Leatherman said.

The address of the new Tempe location is 922 E. Apache Blvd. The address of the original location in Scottsdale is 10320 N. Scottsdale Road.

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