In honor of April being National Financial Literacy Month, Jerry Guttman and the team at “SOFA” (The Society for Financial Awareness) are offering four free Financial Boot Camp workshops.

The workshops, aimed at ending financial illiteracy across the nation one person at a time, will take place at 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 12, and Tuesday, April 18.

As a member of SOFA, Guttman has more than 35 years of money management experience and presents a wide range of topics at his workshops. They include “Retirement Planning in Today’s Environment,” “Understanding Your Social Security Choices,” “Getting Fiscally Fit,” “Financial Blunders,” “College Planning,” “Estate Planning,” Strategies for a Quality Retirement” and “Understanding your 401k.”

“Many don’t know how to prepare for retirement, or for the major purchases and investments in their lives,” said Guttman, president of SOFA’s Phoenix chapter, in a press release. “With April being Financial Literacy month, it is a perfect opportunity for people to assess their future and to develop a strategy moving forward. We help our attendees establish their goals as they continually face the daily challenge with financial and retirement planning. Our non-selling workshops are designed to benefit people, young or old to help them move in the right direction.”

SOFA’s mission is to provide financial assistance to communities across America. For nearly 25 years, SOFA and its business professionals provide assistance to individuals looking to improve their financial well-being. Any business, company or organization is eligible to schedule a SOFA workshop.

To reserve a place in an upcoming workshop, or request more information about hosting a workshop, contact Jerry Guttman, 480-951-5300. For more information about SOFA, visit

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