Bradley and Leslie Levy

Nature of business: We provide professional, personalized assistance to individuals and their families going through later-in-life transitions. We help our clients carefully consider which items they will choose to keep, give away, donate, discard or sell through auction or estate sales. If our client is relocating, we will oversee the move, unpack and set up their new residence so they can comfortably move right in. 

How long have you been in this business? This is a new venture for us, as we both have a passion to fulfill the needs of our community. For Bradley, this is a change of career. Bradley worked as a farmer in South Africa and then in manufacturing once he settled in the United States. He is involved with the Jewish senior community volunteering for Smile on Seniors. Leslie has been an occupational therapist for the past 30 years. She currently works with seniors in their own homes, teaches OT at the university level and together with Bradley, volunteers with Smile on Seniors

Background: Bradley has a degree in horticulture from Cape Technicon in South Africa. Leslie has a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from New York University. 

What inspired you to start this business? We both love helping people and especially seniors. For Leslie, it is just an extension of who she is and what she is so successful at: helping others. Bradley enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. Brad went back to South Africa to help his mother move from independent living to assisted living. This experience led Brad to want to offer this type of service to seniors in our community who are in a position of a later-in-life transition.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? While still in South Africa, Bradley was instrumental in developing a rose garden and tea room where the public could pick their own roses and enjoy a scone and tea in a beautiful setting. Bradley relished in the joy this brought to his community. Leslie has traveled the country as an occupational therapist and educator. She has an accomplished career, having touched the lives of many people and given them skills and knowledge to be able to better help themselves.

How do you contribute to the local community? Bradley volunteers for Smile on Seniors. Leslie is a health-care provider and educator, as well as a volunteer for Smile on Seniors. Together, Bradley and Leslie both volunteer at  the Rocky Point Medical Clinic in Puerto Penasco. They also work with “Raising Hope Dogs,” an organization that assists children with special needs. 

Jewish affiliations: Bradley grew up in an traditional Jewish family in South Africa. Leslie grew up in a traditional Jewish home in Brooklyn, New York. In 1999, while Bradley was visiting family in Scottsdale, Leslie was working as a traveling OT in the Valley. Their paths crossed at a charity event for the Chabad of Phoenix. They were married shortly after and continue to be affiliated with Chabad of Phoenix. They have been involved with Smile on Seniors since it began.

City of residence: Scottsdale.

Family: Bradley and Leslie live happily with their three dogs and two cats, not to mention the neighborhood kitties who come for dinner every night. 


4981 E. Evans Drive

Scottsdale 85254


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