Bob Roth

Bob Roth

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has appointed Bob Roth, managing partner of Cypress HomeCare Solutions, to the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging.

Roth is the first owner of a home care or home health care agency to be appointed to the council, according to a press release from Cypress HomeCare Solutions. Roth, along with the other members of the council, will advise policymakers on all matters relating to Arizona’s aging population. He will serve a three-year term.

Roth plans to draw upon his 14 years of experience managing Cypress HomeCare Solutions and apply it to the issues facing the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging.

“I have been the flag bearer for older adults rights and an advocate at the state level for change and consistency of the fastest-growing population in the world,” Roth stated in a press release.

Established by state law in 1980, the 15-member Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging’s purpose is to “advise the Governor, Legislature and all State Departments which the Council deems necessary on all matters and issues relating to aging, including the administration of the State Plan on Aging.” The council has also taken on the mission of enhancing the quality of life for older Arizonans by addressing such issues as Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia, legislation affecting aging adults, and more accessible and affordable transportation options.

Roth and his family established Cypress HomeCare Solutions in 1994. The company provides home-care services to families with loved ones who are chronically ill, disabled or aging. Roth became the company’s managing partner in 2003. In addition to serving on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging, Roth is a member-at-large on the board of directors of the Home Care Association of America. Locally, he is on the boards of directors of the Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation and Duet: Partners in Health & Aging. He is also on the ambassador committee for Aging 2.0 - Phoenix Chapter.

Roth also hosts a radio show, “Health Futures,” on KFNN - AM and FM, and writes articles on aging for a variety of publications, including Jewish News. JN

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