Valley high schooler and teen entrepreneur Spencer Scher first began experimenting with the camera at 9 years old. He discovered his love and gift for photography at summer camp, where he learned to use the camera to capture his travels and outdoor adventures and work with editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to make his photos look their best. 

As a middle school student, he entered the SBA Jack Peterson Photography Contest 2013, a statewide amateur photography competition and won first place; Spencer says that he’s been “hooked ever since.” 

As Spencer entered high school and honed his photography skills, he was continually supported and encouraged by his family and friends, who hired him to take their portraits, photograph events and parties, as well as produce and edit slideshows. With the guidance of mentors like Peter and Alyssa Cohen of Life Moments and his school’s chapter of the business club, DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), of which Spencer is an officer, Spencer realized he could turn this hobby into a profitable business. 

Spencer was eventually able to create his own brand, Scher the Moment, a play on words that the Scher family conceived together. The teen has managed his own enterprise ever since and has been hired to do everything from landscape to business photography.  

Spencer enjoys experimenting with different techniques or perspectives in his photography to create interesting scenes and portraits, a talent he was able to use on his trip to Israel this past summer with Camp Daisy and Harry Stein, Congregation Beth Israel’s Prescott camp. Several weeks before departing for Israel, Spencer made the difficult decision to leave his DSLR camera and all its many components and lenses at home in order to protect his expensive equipment. 

Armed only with the camera on his iPhone 5s, Spencer catalogued his travels across the Holy Land and its rich history, cultures and people. During the long bus rides between cities, Spencer would photograph the passing scenery and organize his photos to send to his family and friends back home – all on his smartphone. 

Spencer was able to use The Big Trip Israel as an opportunity to “think outside the box,” something he is always attempting in his work to make his photographs unique and exciting. Spencer says that being able to “see the country, experience kibbutz living, meet refugees, participate in an army training exercise, enjoy beach resorts, [and] visit the Western Wall” while challenging his creativity and abilities abroad “made this summer amazing.” 

As a high school student at Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Spencer is grateful for the flexibility his photography business provides, something he requires to balance all of his school, work and family responsibilities and commitments, as well as his other interests in graphic design, basketball, tennis and travel. 

Just as photography is and long has been an important part of his life, Spencer intends to continue to offer his services as a college student and beyond. Spencer hopes to pursue degrees in biotechnology and business and continue to travel and capture all of his experiences along the way.

Spencer’s complete Israel collection and much of his other work can be found on his website,

Phoenix native Michal Wilder recently graduated from Shearim Torah High School and is headed to Stanford University in the fall.


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