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50 Jewish News Pam Raphael OwnerOperator AZ POPS Launched 2011 Why did you start AZ POPS We moved our fam- ily back to Phoenix to be close to family. My husband had been working on the Popsicle idea for a while. Our pops are quite amazing and we knew we had a great idea and an amazing product. Phoenix is the most perfect place for Popsicles long Popsicle season I had a hard time nding a job in preschool administration here in Phoenix and other preschool positions just didnt make good nancial sense at the time for our family. For the rst four years we rented a kitchen and sold at farmers markets wholesale special orders and events. Even though I worked more than 40 hours a week it gave me the exibility to take care of our family while earning an income. Our youngest child was just 5 at the time. Advice If your kids are still young incorporate your kids in what you do. Answer their questions and explain money to them what things cost how much you make why you make some of your decisions. They become so smart Be resourceful. Ask lots of questions. When you make a mistake let it go. Just say to yourself I wont do that again Be respectful and expect respect. On work-life balance Ha ha ha Still working on that We have eaten lots of picnic take-out dinners as a family in the kitchen and have had my kids do home- work in kitchen. I try not to force my kids to work too much but we do have a family business and there are times working is just part of being part of our family. We need their help and they now take a lot of pride in our family having this business. I hire sta and let them do their job. I do my best to be home in the evenings. On being Jewish in business I am aware to buy items with a heksher. Even though we only ocially kosher our kitchen for Passover with the Phoenix Vaad heksher our kitchen and product is kosher all year round. We are very family friendly and welcome all types of people. Shalom bayit. Sheri Sender Owner The Wing Counter Launched 2015 Why did you start The Wing Counter My husband and I have been in the franchise business for over 25 years. We own nine Subway restaurants across the Valley that have been an incredible blessing to us. We recently realized that we werent able to grow our business with Subway yet we have amazing hard-work- ing and loyal employees that we want to continue to motivate. We want to give them the ability to improve themselves and move up in our company. So with that in mind we decided to start our own business which has been challenging and extremely rewarding for us as well. Advice Find a passion and go for it. Ask a lot of questions. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and soak it all up. On work-life balance Im in business with my husband and our girls are extremely supportive of that. A lot of our conversations are around family values business and how to show up for ourselves and others. Business for me is about helping to develop skills in my employees to empower them to be better individuals which I also do with my girls. On being Jewish in business Being Jewish has given me a foundation of morals and values that I believe in. It is a way of life for me that permeates all areas of my life. It is about family which includes my employees and giving back. I serve on the board at our synagogue and the coming-year board of EO the entrepreneur organization Ive been a member of for the past seven years. Judaism has guided me on how to respect and treat others and most importantly on how to help shape the amazing young women my daughters have become. women and business.indd 50 12116 147 PM