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48 Jewish News Linda F. Radke Publisher Five Star Publications Launched 1985 Why did you start Five Star Publications I am a former teacher and also the former owner of a household employment agency. I have always been a pioneer in the elds I pursued. It was when I had my domestic employment agency that I wrote my rst three books. The Domestic Screening Kit Nannies Maids More The Complete Guide for Hiring Household Help and The Options Directory of Child and Senior Care Services. During the ve years of owning and operating Domestic Consultants Inc. I screened more than 5000 household applicants and placed more than 1000 candidates as nannies maids butlers live-in couples and more. I took the expertise I collected over those years and created books to help share the knowl- edge about nding and keeping household help. One day my husband commented on my passion for pub- lishing and marketing. He wanted to know if I sold my agency whether I would want to pursue publishing and marketing books full time. The answer was YES I sold my agency and the rest is history. Advice Follow your passion listen to your gut and surround yourself with a talented and experienced team. On work-life balance I was blessed to be able to run my business from my home. This allowed me to bal- ance work with time with my children husband and dog. On being Jewish in business My goal is to always treat others the way I want to be treated and I try very hard to extend that philosophy to my business as well. Also I was raised by parents who although they did not have much had very giving hearts. Tzedakah was not taught to us it was shown to us. I feel strongly about giving back by providing books to underprivileged children or donating a portion of a books proceeds to a worthy cause. Many of my authors do the same. Misty Guerriero Navon FounderOwner Vintage by Misty Launched 2009 Why did you start Vintage by Misty Ive had a decades-long love aair with vintage fashion and I simply wanted to share my passion. Arizona shoppers have become accustomed to strip mall culture and I wanted to change that by oering something dierent. Vintage by Misty advocates for personal style versus fast fashion. Advice My advice to other women is to always support one another no matter how small the endeavor. Put integrity at the front line and things will fall into place. On work-life balance Balancing life and business requires a lifetime of practice and pa- tience. I have a husband and young daughter so I make sure to prioritize family rst. I have a won- derful support system so my business has really become a family aair. On being Jewish in business A large part of Judaism revolves around treating others with kind- ness. It involves helping and protecting people. These commandments of kindness extend to business ethics and even inanimate objects. Remembering these core values is very much a sur- vival tactic in the world we live in today. They will truly set you apart from the rest. Everyone who shops Vintage by Misty whether a new or exist- ing customer is consistently treated with the same level of empathy and respect. In life and business its compassion that counts. women and business.indd 48 12116 144 PM