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BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 47 Dr. Alyssa S. Levin Orthodontist North Valley Orthodontics Launched 2010 Why did you start North Valley Orthodontics I had a vision and a dream. That vision was creating beauti- ful smiles in a very personal and caring environment. In the post-recession era opportunities to join or buy an existing orthodontic practice were sparse. So this deter- mined Canadian set out to create an opportunity that would fulll her dream. It was really as simple as that. Advice Surround yourself with quality people. I do not think even for a second that the success of my busi- ness is mine alone. I sought out positive mentors to help guide me and I hired an incredible team. I challenge my sta to be critical thinkers and I empower them to make decisions. Not only is my day less stressful knowing I do not have to oversee their every move but their loyalty in return is truly humbling. On work-life balance I still struggle with this part. I think balance is dierent for everyone. For me it means enriching my life with meaningful friendships. I also make it a point to schedule time away from the oce. This helps to improve my focus in the short term with my reward being the experience of a new culture or exhilarating change of scenery. On being Jewish in business I am passionate about serving my community beyond the oce walls. First tze- dakah I choose to help local schools and PTAs provide for todays youth that which might not be possible otherwise iPads for classrooms healthtness and arts programs are some of the larger projects that come to mind. Second tikkun olam I dedicate time almost monthly for team com- munity service. Everyone rotates researching and coor- dinating something that resonates personally. This past year we helped MASK stage a drunk-driving accident at Pinnacle High School took Build-A-Bears to Phoenix Childrens Hospital and played games with residents at Palos Verdes Senior Living to name a few. Leslie Levy Owner Leslie Levy Fine Art Launched 1977 Why did you start Leslie Levy Fine Art I have always had a special interest in art. When my children started school I began taking art classes. Eventually people started asking to purchase my paintings. When I lived in Maryland I organized a successful art exhibition featuring various local artists so after moving to Arizona in 1976 I thought it might be fun to open a small art gal- lery. Advice I would suggest that you rst take a few business classes at a community college. Im- portant classes should include sales and market- ing techniques and basic accounting principles. To learn as much as you can about a particular type of business I would advise that you work for an existing company. This will help you to gain knowledge that will prove valuable when you open your own business. On work-life balance That is a constant struggle. When you own your own business there is always something that needs to be done. Be prepared to work on weekends. Operating a retail business is especially dicult. For 32 years my art gallery was open seven days a week and Thursday evenings as well. I now operate my art gallery as an online business from home. It has its own challenges because customers contact us 247. I do believe that it is important to take time away from your business just for fun. Make sure to plan trips even if its to local destinations. Pretend that youre a tourist. Visit museums and festivals. Also be sure to take at least one or two vacations out of town each year. women and business.indd 47 12116 144 PM