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46 Jewish News Tamara Bickley OwnerCertied professional makeup artist Makeup Artistry by Tamara Launched 2012 Why did you start Makeup Artistry by Ta- mara Makeup is my passion. For years Id said I want to do makeup for commercials ads and photo shoots. Then one day I literally woke up drove to the Arizona Corporation Commission and applied for an LLC. I started building my makeup kit and website. When all of the business pieces were in place I put myself out there to do makeup whenever and however I could. Advice Theres a lot to say about starting a business but what discourages many women is rejection and pro- fessional visibility. Embrace rejection because its a learn- ing tool and motivator. Join and be active on multiple forms of social media and professional sites that pertain to your industry. Social media is a wonderful and free way to advertise and have total control of your brand. On work-life balance Women are busy with life and families. To successfully own a business consider the busi- ness another part of your life not a separate entity. I spend countless hours educating myself on how to improve and stay current in my industry. Ive sacriced many week- ends family time and friend get-togethers for my business. If I dont neither my business nor I will continue to grow. If your business is your passion youll naturally gravitate toward what calls you and nd the balance. On being Jewish in business Im proud to have done makeup for many local bat mitzvah girls and their moth- ers. When mothers seek a makeup artist for their barbat mitzvah events they feel comfortable knowing that as a Jewish mother Im familiar with what theyre experienc- ing. Ive been the mother of a bat mitzvah. I understand how special yet hectic the day is. I know how to commu- nicate with teen girls and how to achieve the makeup looks they want while making their mothers happy. Deborah Lavinsky PMA-CPTOwner BellaBody Pilates Launched 2013 Why did you start BellaBody Pilates I didnt expect that BellaBody Pilates would be more than part- time as I was working full-time as a nancial adviser. I was interested in learning how to perform mat Pilates exercises that I could do at home in addition to the private equipment classes that I was taking. Student teaching was part of the training and I loved it acquired clients and my practice snowballed. One thing led to another and I opened BellaBody Pilates studio in August 2014. After 18 years in nancial services I retired in December 2014 to devote myself to BellaBody Pilates and havent looked back. Advice Women have a tendency to overanalyze get advice shop and procrastinate aka paralysis by analy- sis. There are abundant free resources to jump-start ones entrepreneurial process the Arizona Corporation Commis- sion website has steps to follow for incorporation SCORE. org has business planning templates and Arizona Small Business Development Center oers business classes. Take a chance on yourself get out there and pursue your dream. On work-life balance I work vampire hours. I start teaching most days at 6 a.m. have a small break midday and then nish my teaching at 7 p.m. Its very dicult to balance right now as I am still building my business. I take vacation time during the slower times of the year spending quality time with my husband children and baby grandson. On being Jewish in business Tzedakah has always been an important aspect of my Jewish life. I host monthly free classes and request donations go to an important cause. November was Boxer Luv Rescue January is for Baby So- nya AhavaCDKL5 who has a rare seizure disorder. I also donate lots of Pilates and barre class packages for charitable silent auctions. I do not work on Shabbat and our holidays introducing the concept of rest to my clients. women and business.indd 46 12116 143 PM