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34 Jewish News Kaylie Marsh says shes the luckiest person in the world I get to do what I love every single day. As executive director of the Camp Swift Youth Foundation a local nonprot that provides educational and leadership opportunities for underprivileged youth Marsh administers the foundations many endeavors which include summer camp in Prescott and a popular after-school program. All Camp Swift activities are staed by Valley Jewish teens. After graduating from Phoenix Country Day School Marsh attended University of Colorado Boulder and then continued at University of Colorado Denver where she earned a master of public administration degree with a certicate in nonprot management. Then I had a wonderful opportunity to come back to Arizona and get my dream job. Marsh rst served as Camp Swift Youth Foundations interim executive director before becoming executive director in June 2015. While growing up at Temple Chai and participating in Temple Chai Temple Youth TCTY and North American Federation of Temple Youth NFTY activities Marsh had her rst taste of Camp Swift volunteering as a counselor in high school and then in summers during college as a unit head 3434 by marilyn hawkes photo by ken brown photography Kaylie and sta and logistics director. Ive always loved kids. I was initially hooked on Camp Swift because of the hands-on experience other than baby- sitting Marsh says. I never really had the opportunity to make a dierence in a kids life and at Camp Swift you see it right away within minutes after a camper gets o the bus. Helping others and giving back to the community comes naturally to Marsh whose mother has been a volunteer on the Maricopa County Foster Care Review Board for more than 20 years. Her work there really motivated me and my parents always taught me and my siblings to follow our passion and do what we love. This is what I love. In addition to her position at Camp Swift Marsh works part time as the assistant youth adviser for TCTY teaches classes in the Temple Chai religious school and helps out at regional NFTY events. Marsh also serves as the 20s liaison on the leadership team for Schmooze a new activity-based Jewish group for people in their 30s and 40s with a focus on community service. As Camp Swift executive director Marsh serves as a role model not only for the children the organization helps but also for the Jewish teen volunteers. They see that Camp Swift is clearly my passion and that Im responding to their text messages at 10 p.m. but beyond that its being open with the teens to an appropriate degree she says. For Marsh there are many rewards that come with the job but watching how the experience positively aects the teens is high on the list. Once they have gone through a session of camp they take on a sense of responsibility in all areas of their lives she says. Theres more of an understanding of the world around them and how lucky they are to have the things they have. Many of the teens who volunteer at Camp Swift are profoundly aected by the experience Marsh says. Some have gone on to become teachers and doctors and they often attribute their career choice to their involvement with Camp Swift. Im a product of it she says. People often tell Marsh that Camp Swift is one of the best-kept secrets in the Jewish community. I dont want it to be a secret she says. Our new tagline Fun is Just the Start symbolizes yes camp is fun but its so much more that that. Were developing leaders and strong community members. On a personal level Marshs work at Camp Swift provides her the opportunity to engage in tikkun olam. Its a value I was raised with she says. Its my responsibility to help create the community that Im a part of and in doing that I give back. marsh kaylie.indd 34 12116 129 PM