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BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 27 From an early age Brooke Levy watched her parents and grandparents volunteer and knew that was a tradition she wanted to continue. I think it was just ingrained in me from a very early age. Levy grew up in Englewood Colorado which is just outside of Denver. She met her husband James while living in New York City and they moved to Scottsdale in 2008. The couple have two children Harlow 5 and Jett 1 and are members of Congregation Beth Israel where her husband serves on the board and Congregation Or Tzion. She is a co-trustee of the Dreiseszun Family Foundation something my grandfather started many many years ago she says. He led the way for us showed us how to give of our time and we are fortunate enough to be in the position where we also can help nancially. Her grandfather Sherman Dreiseszun was a developer and banker in Kansas City who built shopping centers and his company is credited with the construction of Kansas Citys two tallest buildings the Town Pavilion and One Kansas City Place. As Dreiseszuns descendants moved to other areas of the country the foundations philanthropy spread to those cities. Levys sister Erica Fisher started a charity in Los Angeles Present Now which is dedicated to supporting babies children and teens entering and living in transitional and crisis domestic violence shelters. The nonprots Presents Program provides presents consisting of necessary and specialty items for the children entering these shelters. Im so proud of her and its so nice to be able to work on something together says Levy who serves on the planning committee for the organization. Levy also serves on the board of Make it Right a nonprot founded by actor Brad Pitt that builds homes buildings and communities for people in need. All of the projects are LEED Platinum-certied and Cradle to Cradle inspired meeting the highest standards of green building. The organization began as an eort to rebuild safe sustainable homes in New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina according to the website The Dreiseszun Family Foundation became involved with by leisah woldoff photo by ken brown photography BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 27 Levy BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 Make it Rights project in Kansas City which involved converting the historic Bancroft Elementary School into aordable green apartments. I just love Make it Rights whole idea of all-green really aordable housing with green materials Levy says. Theyre on the forefront to build aordable housing. On a local level Levy is nding projects and organizations that speak to her passions. She recently served as fundraising chair for an American Girl Doll and Phoenix Childrens Hospital Foundation fashion show that raised more than 60000 for the Emily Center at Phoenix Childrens Hospital a library that gives families of sick children access to free pediatric health information that is accurate and easy to understand. This project gave Levy an opportunity to get her 5-year- old daughter involved in philanthropic work. In addition to modeling in the fashion show Harlow ran a hot chocolate stand with a girlfriend to build that idea of giving back and that its not just about a fashion show. Shes also a member of Barrow Beyond a group that supports the mission of Barrow Neurological Institute. At Congregation Beth Israel shes chaired the Chanen Preschool fundraiser for the past three years one of the projects she helped raise money for was a new playground. She also is starting a congregation mishloach manot program for Purim that will be a fundraiser for the congregations religious school. Im really excited about it she says. I love the whole idea behind mishloach manot. What lesson does she want to pass down to her children To be mindful of whats around them and whos around them and how you can make the littlest dierence in someones day. ... I just want them to be good human beings that care about the world and want to give back. levy Brooke.indd 27 12216 1055 AM