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Best OfJewish Women upfront_cvr-7.indd 1 12116 1251 PM Jewish News Helping Jews in need and building vibrant Jewish communities here in Israel and throughout the world. 480.634.4900 x1299 jewishphoenix.orgdonate What does the Federation do We help people. Your donation to the Federation fosters Jewish education inspires young Jewish adults cares for Jewish seniors and forges ties with Israel. Together we make an amazing difference in people s lives by ... taking care of Jews in need building community creating vibrant Jewish life and inventing the future. ... increasing understanding and support of Israel- through education experiential connections and providing a community voice. ... engaging with young adult Jews and enabling them to define Jewish family in ways they find meaningful. ... helping older adults remain active healthy and living independently in their communities longer. Thats it. Thats what we do. WE HELP PEOPLE. Give today. Create tomorrow. upfront_cvr-7.indd 2 12116 1252 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 1 Gail Baer and Brooke Levy With profound gratitude for the blessings of your leadership and all that you do for Congregation Beth Israel. WE ARE SO PROUD AND BLESSED BY YOU With Admiration and Love Rabbi Stephen Kahn Rabbi Rony Keller Cathy Rabinovitch Executive Director xWa pviviqa fKWN av va SvK mc A woman of valor who is worthy of her Her value is far beyond pearls. Proverbs 3110 upfront_cvr-7.indd 3 12116 1256 PM Jewish News2 Cover designed by Derek Tazioli Features In every generation by Rabbi Bonnie Koppell .............................6 Woman of valor by Marilyn Hawkes .............................14 Bonds of sisterhood by Leisah Woldoff .............................30 Blazing their own trail by Salvatore Caputo .............................44 Women in photos The year in review .............................53 In the spotlight 10 Gail Baer 12 Shelley Cohn 20 Shternie Deitsch 22 Rabbi Elana Kanter 24 Cindy Landesman 26 Brooke Levy 34 Kaylie Marsh 36 Talyah Sands 40 Judy Schaffert 42 Beth Jo Zeitzer 30 14 44 upfront_cvr-7.indd 4 12216 1115 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 3 EDITORIAL DEADLINE Noon Tuesday 9 days prior to publication ADVERTISING DEADLINE 11 a.m. Friday 1 week prior to publication 1430 E. Missouri Ave. Suite B225 Phoenix AZ 85014 Phone 602-870-9470 Fax 602-870-0426 2016. Phoenix Jewish News LLC. 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Scottsdale Road Suite 202 Scottsdale AZ 85254 480.699.1717 Building a permanent source of nancial support for a vibrant enduring Jewish community. Preserving the Past Enriching the Present Ensuring the Future For more than 40 years the Jewish Community Foundation has helped individuals achieve their charitable goals and organizations secure their nancial future. Thanks to you the Foundation has awarded more than 48 million in grants to Jewish and non-Jewish organizations since 2002. You dont have to be wealthy to work with us. Simplify and direct your charitable giving with a donor advised fund Support the causes you care aboutJewish and secular Ensure the future by creating an endowmentnow or through your will or trust Participate in teen philanthropy activities Call today to let us make your philanthropy work for you. Preserving the Past Enriching the Present Ensuring the Future We help individuals and families achieve their charitable goals and help other organizations secure their financial future. Thanks to you the Foundation has awarded more than 45 million in grants to Jewish and non-Jewish organizations since 2002. Building a permanent source of financial support for a vibrant enduring Jewish community. 12701 N Scottsdale Road Suite 202 Scottsdale Arizona 85254 P 480.699.1717 F 480.699.1807 You dont have to be wealthy to work with us. Simplify and direct your charitable giving with a donor advised fund Support the causes you care aboutJewish and secular Ensure the future by creating an endowmentnow or through your will or trust Participate in teen philanthropy activities Call today to let us make your philanthropy work for you. Since 1972 the Jewish Community Foundation has been the most trusted independent resource for Jewish philanthropy in Greater Phoenix. The Worlds Only Global Musical Instrument Museum Ranked the 16 Museum in the United States 2015 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award 480.478.6000 Open Daily 4725 E. Mayo Blvd. Phoenix AZ 85050 Photograph by Jacqueline Byers upfront_cvr-7.indd 5 12516 730 AM Jewish News W ow shes great Its been a common refrain in the Jewish News office the past several months as weve worked on our Best of Jewish Phoenix Jewish Women special issue. The women featured in these pages make an immeasurable contribution to the Valley Jewish community They teach children and adults they raise and give money for worthy causes they give their talents and their time to organizations and they lead synagogues and businesses. They inspired us with their energy their values their dedication and their commitment to tzedakah and tikkun olam and we hope that you are similarly inspired when you read their stories. Wed like to thank all the readers who took the time to participate in the Best of Jewish Phoenix Jewish Women nomination process we wish we had the time and space to feature every one of the nominees as they were all wonderful suggestions. From all of us at Jewish News we wish you the best in 2016. Jennifer Goldberg Special Content Editor From the editor 4 THE PROMISE OF A LIFETIME ARTFULLY CURATED AMIDST FIVE DIAMOND LUXURY Every unforgettable moment draped in splendor and romance a breathtaking backdrop for the start of forever. The Phoenician 6000 East Camelback Road Scottsdale Arizona 85251 upfront_cvr-7.indd 6 12116 1258 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 5 A picture is worth a thousand words SeeKenBrownPhotographyonFBformylatestshoots Make each life-changing event count Ken Brown Photography 480-225-2299 Capture It Forever Heirloom Photography Prints Albums Casitas Courtyard Residences Independent Assisted Living Memory Care 7325 E. Princess Blvd. Scottsdale AZ 480.447.2381 MaravillaScottsdale.comR E S O R T R E T I R E M E N T L I V I N G Ultimately its your experience that matters. To be sure were proud of our 27 years of experience in senior living. But to us what really matters is your experience at our communities. We do everything with that idea clearly in mind. So go ahead enjoy yourself with great social opportunities and amenities. Savor fine dining every day. And feel assured that assisted living services are always available if needed. We invite you to experience Maravilla Scottsdale for yourself at a complimentary lunch and tour. Please call 480.447.2381 to schedule. Experience Maravilla for yourself at a personal tour. Call now to schedule. upfront_cvr-7.indd 7 12216 1005 AM 6 Jewish News In every generation by rabbi bonnie koppell Deborah is one of seven women whom the tradition names as a neviah prophetess. Leadership during the period of the Judges arose organically by acclamation of the people. Deborah was the fth of these judges she presided over 40 years of peace. In addition to adjudicating disputes from her oce under a tree Deborah was sought out as a military leader. The Israelites were plagued by attacks and the great general of the day Barak refused to go to battle without her. Deborah brought together a coalition of 10000 troops and victory was achieved supported by the actions of Yael whose role Deborah celebrates in her famous song. In an age when self-esteem is still a challenge for many women how inspiring it is to read Deborahs honest assessment of the challenging security environment as she sings in her famous song Until I arose a mother in Israel Judges 57. Wisdom strength condence These are Deborahs legacy. The Talmud is dominated by the teachings of men with rare and notable exceptions. Beruriah is one of these. The daughter of one famous rabbi and the wife of another Beruriah is recognized as a scholar in her own right. In Pesachim 62b we read of her amazing feat of learning 300 laws from 300 teachers in one day She is touted as an F rom the earliest partnership of Abraham and Sarah the Jewish community has been blessed by strong women leaders. In every generation women have provided examples of wisdom courage and compassion. As we celebrate the accomplishments of women in our own community we are humbled by the role models who have provided the foundation on which we stand. example to those who would wish to accelerate their own studies. When her husband Rabbi Meir prayed for the demise of some hooligans plaguing their neighborhood Beruriah reminded him that it is not the death of sinners that we seek but rather that they should cease from sin Brachot 10a. She chides Rabbi Yossi when he asks her for directions pointing out that he could have asked the same question in fewer words and upheld the rabbinic principle not to overly engage in conversation with women Eruvin 53b. When their sons die it is Beruriah who nds a gentle way to inform her husband appealing to his sense of honor that she must return to the owner a treasure that had been given to her to guard. Only then does she show him the bodies of their beloved children. Scholarship compassion keen feminist wit These are the legacy of Beruriah. Moving through history it was not uncommon for women to support their families through various business enterprises allowing their husbands to focus on prayer and learning. Gluckel born in Hamburg Germany in 1646 left a unique memoir that oers insight into the lives of women in her generation. She was married to Chayim at the age of 14 and gave birth to 14 children during their 30-year marriage. An active partner in managing the family jewelry business Gluckel was involved in every aspect of the work while simultaneously running her household and ensuring appropriate matches for the children. When Chayim passed away in 1689 eight of the children were still unmarried. Gluckel carried on undertaking travel far and wide in order to care for her family. Her memoir includes heartfelt prayers that her children be pious and studious. Unfortunately Gluckel lost everything at the hands of her second husband. Gluckel processed her feelings through a now-famous diary detailing her own spiritual journey the history of her family and community rabbi koppell.indd 6 12216 1037 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 7 lessons learned with regard to household management the death of her husband and her efforts to sustain the family following his loss. The Memoirs of Gluckel of Hameln offer a unique firsthand perspective on daily life during this challenging time of transition from the kehilla to a more contemporary voluntary model of communal affiliation. She shares her personal story against the backdrop of war persecution massacres and expulsions as well as the hysteria surrounding Shabbtai Tzvi the false messiah. Resilience perseverance dedication to family welfare These are the legacy of Gluckel of Hameln. The first female rabbi to be ordained in the United States was Rabbi Sally Priesand in 1972 yet Regina Jonas who died in Auschwitz in 1944 preceded her by 30 years. Jonas was born in Berlin in 1902. She experienced a calling to the rabbinate from an early age never veering from her passion for Jewish learning. Her final thesis submitted for graduation from the Hochshule fr die Wissenschaft des Judentums was on the subject of May a Woman Hold a Rabbinic Office She grounded her argument in an analysis of traditional sources operating within the framework of Halacha Jewish law. It was not until 1935 that she fulfilled her Wisdom strength confidence These are Deborahs legacy. The judge and prophetess Deborah as imagined in an engraving by artist Gus- tave Dor. Photo courtesy of Wikiart rabbi koppell.indd 7 12216 1038 AM 8 Jewish News dream of ordination. Jonas focused on pastoral care. As the Nazis rose to power she took on a more prominent role in synagogue life preaching sermons and advocating on behalf of the community. She continued her rabbinic work in Thereisenstadt and a handwritten copy of her 24 lecture topics Lectures of the One and Only Woman Rabbi Regina Jonas survives in the museum there. Regina Jonas was unknown until her work was rediscovered in 1991 by Dr. Katharina von Kellenbach of St. Marys College. Trailblazing spiritual leadership claiming our place in history These are the legacy of Rabbi Regina Jonas. Born in 1898 in Kiev Ukraine Golda Meir rose to become the fourth prime minister of Israel and is still the first and only woman to hold that office. Known for her straight talk and her iron will Golda as she is universally known was a fierce military leader who never forgot the humanity of the enemy. Golda was raised in an intellectual environment in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She was a committed labor Zionist who insisted on moving to Palestine as a condition of her marriage to Morris Meyerson in 1917. Her leadership ability was instantly evident and she quickly rose in the ranks of government. Meir undertook massive fundraising for the nascent state in the United States and was one of 24 signatories of Israels Declaration of Independence. In addition to serving in the Knesset Golda was the foreign minister under David Ben-Gurion. She served as prime minister from 1969 to 1974. Meir famously said of the Egyptian president I have given instructions that I be informed every time one of our soldiers is killed even if it is in the middle of the night. When President Nasser leaves instructions that he is to be awakened in the middle of the night if an Egyptian soldier is killed there will be peace. She noted that peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us. Golda Meir sent armies into battle wryly remarking that Israels secret weapon was no alternative. Yet she never lost her humanity observing that when peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. Zionism political leadership empathy These are the legacy of Prime Minister Golda Meir. This is but a brief walk through history highlighting the contributions of women leaders in every generation a proud tradition that continues in our own generation in our own community. How blessed we are by the inspiring examples of those who have gone before us. May we draw strength from this humbling legacy of service. Rabbi Bonnie Koppell of Temple Chai in Phoenixis the first female rabbi to serve as a U.S. military chaplain. Pictured from left 19th-century Austrian-Jewish feminist Bertha Pappenheim dresses up as Gluckel of Hameln Rabbi Regina Jonas in a photo presumed to have been taken sometime after 1939 and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. Pappeheim and Meir photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Regina Jonas photo courtesy of Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin-Centrum Judaicum Berlin rabbi koppell.indd 8 12516 746 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 9 Distinctive Residential Settings Chef-Prepared Dining and Bistro Premier Health and Wellness Programs Award-Winning Assisted Living Memory Care Therapy and Rehabilitation Services Directed Care License AL8622C 2016 Belmont Village L.P. The Community Built for Life. SCOTTSDALE JewishNews_1_2016_cards.indd 1 12215 1236 PM 3212 N. Miller Rd. Scottsdale AZ 85251 480-941-9026 Experience The Springs difference NMLS ID 440379 Laurie Segal Vice President Mortgage Loan OfficerManager NMLS ID 767565 Office 602 224-2022 Cell 602 418-2578 BankersTrust.comLSegal Bankers Trust serves the mortgage lending needs of the Phoenix community with a local loan expert providing timely responsive service in the manner you deserve. Contact Laurie Segal voted 2015 Five Star Mortgage Professional today for your mortgage needs. rabbi koppell.indd 9 12116 104 PM 10 Jewish News10 Ask Gail Baer whether as a woman she had to overcome any traditional barriers to become a successful leader and shell demur. My mom created a sense of normal in our home that may not have been traditional at the time she says. Soviet Jewry was a big issue at that time and she really vaulted very deep into that issue. When she was growing up in Bethesda Maryland Baer recalls her mother took her to Sunday demonstrations outside the Soviet Embassy in Washington D.C. pressing for freedom of movement for Soviet Jews and an end to restrictions placed on their communal and religious life in the USSR. So when youre 6 and 7 years old and you see your mother doing that and you grow up with that that was my sense of what I was supposed to do. It should be no surprise then that she consistently has taken leadership roles and today works as vice president of major gifts for Valley of the Sun United Way and is president of Congregation Beth Israel. I didnt realize until I became president of Beth Israel how pivotal and inuential a role like that is to young girls and women she says. Ive had several mothers 1010 by salvatore caputo photo by ken brown photography thank me for being out in front where their young daughters can see that being a leader in a community is very possible and very good and normal for a young woman. Raised as a member of a Reform shul in Washington she says she was a member of its youth group and celebrated her bat mitzvah and conrmation there. She went to Cornell University earning a bachelors degree in industrial engineering. That background led her to a consulting career mostly in the IT information technology area. Upon moving to the Valley 10 years ago with her husband Michael and their children David Rachel and Amy she says I had the opportunity to help launch the consulting practice at Grant Thornton. She also headed up community relations for the audit tax and advisory rm which was new to the Valley. In the course of her community-relations work she developed a relationship with United Way. In April 2011 she joined Valley of the Sun United Way as a development ocer for new partnerships moving up to director of major gifts in January 2013 and to her current position in March 2014. I think that what United Way does and their mission is very closely tied to not only who I am but also to who the Jewish people are in terms of making sure that we all take care of each other and that everyone should have a roof over their head good food to eat and access to a good education she says. Those are all good community values. Theyre also good Jewish values. So for me I get to not only work that but also to live that every day. So it was a very natural transition. She has also served on the board of the Jewish Community Foundation and is active currently in the American Israel Public Aairs Committee. I get asked a lot How do you do it all How do you t it all in I think that when you have things that you love to do it doesnt really feel like work and thats especially the beauty of being involved in a Jewish community that you love so much. Gail baer gail.indd 10 12116 105 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 11BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 Baer BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 11BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 baer gail.indd 11 12116 107 PM 12 Jewish News Shelley Cohn Shelley.indd 12 12116 108 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 13BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 13 Since 2006 the Governors Arts Awards an annual event designed to highlight people and organizations who have made signicant contributions to the cultural community in Arizona has given a special arts advocacy award. The name of the award is the Shelley and its namesake Shelley Cohn who for 21 years was the executive director of the Arizona Commission on the Arts has spent more than three decades serving the community. Arizona isnt too far from New Mexico where Cohn grew up an only child in the only Jewish family in her small town. It was after she announced to her parents that she wanted to become a nun that they moved to El Paso Texas where there was a bigger Jewish community. They were very strongly connected to being Jewish and they wanted me to have that Cohn says. It was there that her Jewish identity began to crystallize leadership roles in BBG during high school led to time at the Brandeis Camp Institute in California during college and after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis she spent a year and a half in Ofakim Israel teaching English to children. Cohn sees Judaism as a way of life she says. It is a culture and it is a commitment to others and leaving the world a better place. She chose Arizona State University for graduate school and became involved there in Hillel a relationship that continues to this day she has served on the board and is currently the chair of Hillels Life and Legacy fundraising program. Hillel was important to me in college it was important to me in graduate school and I really believe in giving back she says. Hillel is far from the only organization that benets from Cohns involvement though she ocially retired in 2005 she gives her time to a number of local nonprots. Cohn is the vice chair of the Arizona Community Foundation I just believe so strongly in being a tool for BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 13BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 13 by jennifer goldberg photo by ken brown photography Cohn people who are interested in investing in the community she says and a board member for Childsplay. An interest in horticulture was the impetus for her involvement with the Desert Botanical Garden after she retired she enrolled in their desert landscaping school. She is the vice president of the board of the DBG but shes not averse to getting her hands dirty once a week she acts as a horticulture aide doing gardening work around the park. I think women are accustomed to getting their hands dirty she says and shes not talking about gardening. She feels that women succeed as leaders because they know all of the elements that go into making a project successful. Its not only the high-level thinking and the concepts but it is the actual relationship building communication and the implementation strategies that make something successful. Its not just having a good idea its knowing the ways to get it accomplished. Cohn who shares her life with her partner of 36 years Mollie Trivers has forged her career and community service path on the principle of pursuing ones passions. I often had either young women young professionals or people wanting to change their career path come to me when I was at the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the foundation of my advice is always follow your passions. Do the things that bring you joy and pleasure. Case in point When the namesake of the Shelley Award told her parents she wanted to work in arts administration they did not have a clue what I was talking about and they wondered if I was ever going to have a paycheck she says. But I believed in the content and I am a strong proponent that if you believe in something thats the something that you should follow. Cohn Shelley.indd 13 12116 109 PM 14 Jewish News Sheila moved to Phoenix in 1959 to marry Jess Schwartz after meeting him on a blind date in New York. His mother and sister knew my mother she says. I followed him to Arizona and we got married very shortly after that. As a young couple the Schwartzes became involved with Beth Joseph Congregation and sent their three children Frank Abby and Lesley to Phoenix Hebrew Academy. After Jess death in 1996 Sheila founded the Jess Schwartz Jewish Community High School which opened in 2001 and closed in 2012. Jewish education and Jewish continuity remain a priority for Schwartz says Rabbi David Rebibo founder of Phoenix Hebrew Academy and Schwartzs friend and rabbi for close to 50 years. For Sheila Jewish education is the means to enforce and enrich and provide sustenance and inspiration for the whole gamut of Jewish continuity Rebibo says. Another way Schwartz contributes to Valley Jewish T here is a line of text in Pirke Avot 115 Say little and do much that accurately describes the actions of Sheila Schwartz a longtime member of the Phoenix Jewish community. Behind the scenes Schwartzs quiet generosity has helped build strengthen and sustain Jewish life in the Valley for more than five decades. by Marilyn Hawkes Woman education is through the Jewish Community Foundation where in 2005 she established the Jewish Day School Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships for Jewish day school students above and beyond the Jewish Tuition Organization scholarships. Its in a position now to grant more than 30000 a year as an endowment for support of Jewish day school education according to Richard Kasper president and chief executive officer of the Jewish Community Foundation. Our community is blessed to count Sheila Schwartz among its leaders and as its go-to hostess for virtually every Jewish organization. Sheilas vision has been instrumental in shaping the future for Jewish children in the Valley and her consistent philanthropic support has been crucial to fulfilling our mission at the Jewish Community Foundation Kasper says. But Schwartzs Jewish philanthropy doesnt end with education says Rebibo. She is especially sensitive to Jewish education as a priority but over the years Ive seen valorof women and giving-sheila.indd 14 12216 1052 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 15 her involved with practically every Jewish organization he says. Shes a community person. And Schwartzs support for the Jewish community is legendary. She has been a past leader of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix serving on the federation and Womens Philanthropy boards and was awarded the federations Medal of Honor in 2010 for her dedication to the community. She received the Jewish National Funds Tree of Life award in 2003 and was honored by Arizona Jewish Historical Society in 2013 for her continued support of the Jewish community in Arizona. Schwartz also supports a wide variety of Jewish organizations including Jewish Free Loan Valley Beit Midrash Moishe House and the Jewish Studies program at Arizona State University to name a few. As someone who has benefited from Schwartzs guidance Todd Herzog Temple Solels cantorial soloist and founder of Desert Gathering Jewish Music Fest says Schwartz gave him strong support when he was trying to launch his fledgling festival in 2013. Shes someone who has such strong principles and vision and is willing to go out on a limb to support something that she sees as worthwhile Herzog says. But at the same time Schwartz suggested Herzog also raise funds on his own. She would say OK go out and see what you can do and then lets touch base in two weeks and if you need me Im here for you. Its kind of like tough love in a way Herzog says. Shes especially encouraging of younger people getting involved in philanthropic efforts. In that regard Schwartz been a strong role model Scribe Ron Sieger of Los Angeles puts the nishing touches on a Torah at Beth Joseph Congregation written in 2012 in honor of Schwartz right and her family. At top left is Rabbi David Rebibo of Beth Joseph Congregation. Photo by Mark Gluckman Schwartz right hosts a 2014 graduation celebration for the participants of the Jewish Arizonans on Campus Maimonides Leaders Fellowship program. Photo courtesy of Rabbi Jordan Brumer and many have taken her lead. But some in the younger generation are taking a somewhat different approach and are leaning away from the traditional federation model of giving. I feel that its unfortunate but theyre not Our community is blessed to count Sheila Schwartz among its leaders and as its go-to hostess for virtually every Jewish organization. Richard Kasper women and giving-sheila.indd 15 12216 1045 AM 16 Jewish News comfortable with the leadership at the moment so theyve stepped out with giving circles and theyre doing their own thing Schwartz says. The community doesnt lose out because everything stays in the community. They didnt take their marbles and go home. As for the future of Jewish philanthropy Schwartz has a positive outlook because of organizations such as Bnai Tzedek an arm of the Jewish Community Foundation that teaches teens the importance of tikkun olam and giving. Hopefully theyve been taught and have learned to feel good about giving she says. One of Schwartzs current concerns for the Phoenix Jewish community revolves around Jewish students lack of preparation for the anti-Semitism they encounter on college campuses. They have no clue she says. Theyre ignorant of their heritage and its impossible for them to defend themselves verbally. They dont have the Above Schwartz left shovels the first pile of dirt in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Jess Schwartz Jewish Community High School in 2001. Photo by Mark Gluckman Below Schwartz dances at the 2010 bat mitzvah of her granddaughter Jaclyn. Photo courtesy of Lesley Schwartz Hammer women and giving-sheila.indd 16 12516 752 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 17 equipment. Several organizations including AIPAC and BBYO are implementing programs to educate high school students Schwartz says but she would like to see more effort made in that area. Outside of the Jewish community Schwartz supports many secular organizations including the Phoenix Symphony Arizona Opera Chrysalis Program Chai Singleton Moms Phoenix Childrens Hospital Barrow Neurological Institute and the list goes on according to Schwartzs personal assistant of 13 years Janice Caracciolo. Sheila reads a lot and when she sees something that hits her here she says pointing at her heart she tells me to contact them and says See how I can help. Shes an absolutely amazing person and mentor. I cant imagine learning more from anyone else about how to be kind to people and whats really important in the world Caracciolo says. When a request for a donation comes in Schwartz saves each one Caracciolo says. At a particular time during the year she goes through them and gives to almost all of them. She cant bear to watch people do without. Her favorite expression is Its not going to change my life but its going to help somebody else. Schwartz signs her Jewish Commu- nity Foundation Endowment Book of Life in 1998 surrounded by from left her son-in-law Eli Hammer daugh- ter Lesley Hammer son Frank and daughter Stephanie. Photo courtesy of Jewish Community Foundation Over the years Ive seen her involved with practically every Jewish organization Shes a community person. Rabbi David Rebibo Schwartz smiles with pianist Jeffrey Siegel who pro- vided the entertainment when she was honored by the Arizona Jewish Historical Society in 2013. Photo courtesy of AZJHS women and giving-sheila.indd 17 12116 115 PM 18 Jewish News ARIZONAS LEADER IN MUSICAL THEATRE FEB 26 - APR 3 SHOW SPONSORED BY 623.776.8400 AZBROADWAY.ORG Featuring the beloved songs Matchmaker Matchmaker Sunrise Sunset and If I Were a Rich Man Help us to continue to provide the only place to read unbiased and accurate Jewish community news by subscribing to Jewish News today. Call 602-870-9470 ext. 4000 or visit us online at and click subscribe. Best OfJewish Women Gas food and home prices have all gone up since the 1990s. Know what hasnt Your Subscription women and giving-sheila.indd 18 12116 116 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 19 NO DAILY RESORT FEE FREE WIFI Best Restaurant View at Dusk Orange Sky by AZCentral Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Phoenix Orange Sky by Arizona Republic Best Place to Catch a Sunset in Scottsdale Degree 270 by Scottsdale Convention Visitors Bureau Award of Excellence Orange Sky by Wine Spectator Best Casino Talking Stick Resort by Phoenix Magazine JOB 10823-5_TSR_Accolades_JewishNews_Ad Client Talking Stick Resort Agency RIESTER Trim na Bleed na Live 4.75 x 4.75 Color CMYK Pub Jewish News Insertion Date 12082015 Contact Bill Robbins 101 TALKING STICK WAY SCOTTSDALE 480.850.7777 TALKINGSTICKRESORT.COM Locally owned and caringly operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. 10823-5_TSR_Accolades_JewishNews_Ad.indd 1 12915 1159 AM The Area Agency is accred- ited through the Council on Accreditation COA. You can be assured that our pro- grams and services are deliv- ered at the highest possible standards and are among the best in the nation Deliveringhome community- basedservices supporting familycaregivers protectingelders. 602-264-4357 ALL HOSPICES ARE NOT THE SAME Hospice of the Valley offers more than care at the end of life. Dementia care. Honoring military veterans. Pet therapy. Grief support. YOU HAVE A CHOICE. 602.530.6900 HOV.ORG Choose Hospice of the Valley. Not for profit. For comfort. Lin Sue Cooney director of community engagement. Funding provided by donations designated for marketing. women and giving-sheila.indd 19 12116 117 PM 20 Jewish News20 If you look at any angle of woman from a Jewish lens through a Torah lens were very powerful says Shternie Deitsch co-director of Chabad of the East Valley and director of the Chandler Jewish Preschool. I wish more women knew the power of who they were. Deitschs role in the East Valley Jewish community exemplies a powerful force. Women in her community call her a role model a mentor a friend a visionary leader a wise and knowledgeable teacher a beacon of light. In addition to her role as preschool and camp director she teaches adult education classes leads groups for women and teen girls and works with her husband Rabbi Mendy Deitsch to run Chabad of the East Valley. Shternie Deitsch grew up in Morristown New Jersey where she was the second oldest of eight children and her father Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Lipskier was a teacher at the towns rabbinical college. She attended a day school on the yeshiva grounds which had a typical little schoolhouse type of feeling. After attending high school in New York for her junior and senior years as well as a year in seminary she headed to Milan Italy to teach preschool and study. When she landed in Milan she didnt speak any Italian but asked a friend to teach her everything shed need to know for her rst day as a preschool teacher the following day. I said OK tell me everything that I need to say. ... and I wrote everything down. The next day she walked into the 2020 by leisah woldoff photo by ken brown photography Shternie preschool class full of children who only spoke Italian. It was total immersion she says. It was an amazing experience. She was supposed to stay for a year but after her father was killed in an automobile accident she returned home to help her mother who was injured in the accident care for her younger siblings and taught second grade. The following year at age 20 she met her husband. They were both raised in Chabad-Lubavitch families and shared the Lubavitcher Rebbes philosophy that the point in being in this world was to make a positive dierence and to recognize the inherent value in every single person and in every single mitzvah. They both knew they wanted to become Chabad emissaries and soon after they married they moved to Arizona. They arrived in Chandler with their infant daughter ve days before Rosh Hashanah with two suitcases and no place to live she says. Chabad of Arizona placed an ad in a local newspaper before their arrival to announce 1997 High Holiday services at Chandlers Windmill Inn. We had no idea what to expect Deitsch says. Seventy-ve people attended the service. After the holiday the Deitsches held a meeting to learn what members of the local Jewish community wanted. Shabbat services was rst on the list so the Deitsches rented the boardroom at the Windmill Inn to hold services. We take our cue from the needs of the community the rebbetzin says. For six months Rabbi Deitsch walked the four miles to the hotel from their apartment. As it was getting warmer we realized that wasnt going to work and the couple bought a house and held services and shortly after the move Hebrew school in their home. Wed take down the paintings and hang up blackboards. We had class in the dining room and one class in the kitchen she says. It just grew from there. In August 2013 the center dedicated its new Pollack Chabad Center for Jewish Life a 15900-square-foot facility in Chandler that houses a sanctuarysocial hall classrooms the Chandler Jewish Preschool oces a kosher kitchen and a library named in memory of Shternie Deitschs father. In fall 2014 an eruv was constructed and a mikvah is being planned. Theres denitely a sign of growth she says. Now we have members of the community give some of the classes which is beautiful. Today the couple have nine children ages 2-18 and a core of about 160 families involved in Chabad of the East Valley programming. One of their rst Hebrew school students now has two children enrolled in the preschool. Weve kind of come full circle Deitsch says. deitch shternie.indd 20 12116 118 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 21 Deitsch deitch shternie.indd 21 12116 118 PM 22 Jewish News10 Rabbi kanter rabbi elana.indd 22 12116 119 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 2323 The Womens Jewish Learning Center in Scottsdale isnt just an award-winning nationally recognized institution Its also the fulllment of a lifelong dream. Its the realized dream of Rabbi Elana Kanter who says before I knew that women could be rabbis when people asked me What do you want to be when you grow up I would say Id like to teach Talmud to women. When the Jewish Theological Seminary opened its doors to women in 1984 Kanter was in the rst class but she always kept the dream of teaching women in particular. And in 2010 she founded the WJLC. I turned 50 she says and I said the dream has been there for a long time if not now when The organization oers dynamic and innovative Torah study toward its three stated goals for individual women to grow intellectually and spiritually for Jewish womens organizations to enhance Jewish literacy of members and for the Greater Phoenix Jewish community to strengthen and expand the presence of women in Jewish communal leadership. Since 2012 the WJLC has made the annual Slingshot guide a publication of innovative and inspiring projects and programs in the North American Jewish community. Theres a dierent dynamic around the table when its only women Kanter says and so that makes it a special environment for some women a safer environment. Thats been wonderful. The WJLC is not the only place where Kanter teaches The New Shul which she founded with her husband Rabbi Michael Wasserman will celebrate its 13th birthday this year. Thats another little dream come true she says. The New Shul is deeply traditional but also ercely egalitarian she says. Were not huge 150 families but we have a very beautiful community of people. Were able to pray with intensity and learn with intensity. With two rabbis as parents Kanter and Wassermans three adult children grew up heavily involved in synagogue life which Kanter says taught them about welcoming the stranger into their home Our kids know that they may BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 23 by jennifer goldberg photo by ken brown photography Elana Kanter know the people who are coming over and they may not know the people who are coming over but well sit down well break bread together and the value of being a part of the community. Pretty much anything that the shul was doing they were doing she says. Its something Kanter can relate to her father was a Conservative rabbi and living life in community and contributing to community was sort of very much woven in the fabric of our life she says. From her mother she learned the informal spiritual parts of Judaism about appreciating every single day and every single minute and the importance of our relationships with the people we love. That knack for fostering relationships is one of many skills Kanter sees women bringing to Jewish communal life. Sometimes some of the most collaborative undertakings of the community come because two women heads of agencies are very much oriented toward working together she says. To women who are looking to become more involved in the Jewish community Kanter gives the following advice Dont give up. If you dont nd it on the rst try if you dont nd it on the second try just persist because there is a place for you and you will be a blessing to the Jewish community if you can just nd that place. But no matter where or how a woman gets involved Kanter believes that more female participation can only benet the community. We desperately need more women bringing their skills their presence their strengths their talents their perspectives to these organizations she says and to the extent that that increases I think the Jewish community will be the stronger for it. kanter rabbi elana.indd 23 12216 1050 AM 24 Jewish News10 Cindy landesman cindy.indd 24 12116 121 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 25 Women today have a lot to keep them busy from families and jobs to homes and community service. Cindy Landesman understands as the wife of Rabbi Raphael Landesman of the Phoenix Community Kollel and the mother of eight children ages 3-18 her calendar stays pretty full. But despite womens packed schedules the director of the Kollels Womens Division says that the value of womens Jewish learning cant be underestimated. Jewish education for women brings an energy and a vitality to anyones life she says. The more you delve into the wisdom of Torah and Torah values its really enriching and it has so much wisdom for our lives. Landesman grew up in an observant home where her parents cared very much about education both secular and Jewish. She was trained as a speech therapist and was working in that eld when the Womens Division of the Kollel was founded more than 11 years ago. They realized that there was a greater need for womens learning and so they asked me to head it she says. I really wanted to focus on education and giving classes and providing opportunities for women just to come and learn at all levels and from all backgrounds. Whatever people wanted I was available. The Womens Division oers classes on Torah Shabbat and Jewish holidays among other topics. The lessons learned in the classes can translate very practically into your life What does that mean for me How can it make me a better person Landesman says. Landesman also takes women on trips to Israel through a joint project of the Kollel and the Jewish Renaissance Womens Project. Known as Birthright for moms the trip is intended to educate and strengthen the Jewish identity of the participants. But its not just the adult women of the Jewish community Landesman teaches shes also the ninth- 10th- and 12th-grade teacher at the Shearim Torah High School for Girls which is run by her husband. BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 by jennifer goldberg photo by ken brown photography Landesman With she and her husband both so heavily involved in the community Landesman must perform a balancing act to give her children the attention they need. Its just part of their life that this is what we do that we give that we teach she says. And I try to balance that with being there for them and them knowing that Im there. One way that Landesman blends community life with family life is through her Shabbat table which nearly always has guests around it. We try to stay connected to a lot of people in the community and thats really a nice way to do it. Her children see our home is open and inviting to people and thats also a form of giving and connecting. We balance that with what we give them inside the home internally. We very much try to make sure that they feel valued and appreciated in the home and feel like were making a lot of time for them. Landesman says she heard a term recently joyously Jewish. I thought it was very good she says. I feel its important that whatever aspect of the Jewish community that women nd themselves involved in that feeling of vitality and strength and adding to the vibrancy of their community is really important. Whatever it is that youre doing in the Jewish realm it should be with a light feeling it should be with joy. Its there and it can be accessed and its really I feel like its important for everybody. landesman cindy.indd 25 12116 121 PM 26 Jewish NewsJewish News Brooke levy Brooke.indd 26 12116 122 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 27 From an early age Brooke Levy watched her parents and grandparents volunteer and knew that was a tradition she wanted to continue. I think it was just ingrained in me from a very early age. Levy grew up in Englewood Colorado which is just outside of Denver. She met her husband James while living in New York City and they moved to Scottsdale in 2008. The couple have two children Harlow 5 and Jett 1 and are members of Congregation Beth Israel where her husband serves on the board and Congregation Or Tzion. She is a co-trustee of the Dreiseszun Family Foundation something my grandfather started many many years ago she says. He led the way for us showed us how to give of our time and we are fortunate enough to be in the position where we also can help nancially. Her grandfather Sherman Dreiseszun was a developer and banker in Kansas City who built shopping centers and his company is credited with the construction of Kansas Citys two tallest buildings the Town Pavilion and One Kansas City Place. As Dreiseszuns descendants moved to other areas of the country the foundations philanthropy spread to those cities. Levys sister Erica Fisher started a charity in Los Angeles Present Now which is dedicated to supporting babies children and teens entering and living in transitional and crisis domestic violence shelters. The nonprots Presents Program provides presents consisting of necessary and specialty items for the children entering these shelters. Im so proud of her and its so nice to be able to work on something together says Levy who serves on the planning committee for the organization. Levy also serves on the board of Make it Right a nonprot founded by actor Brad Pitt that builds homes buildings and communities for people in need. All of the projects are LEED Platinum-certied and Cradle to Cradle inspired meeting the highest standards of green building. The organization began as an eort to rebuild safe sustainable homes in New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina according to the website The Dreiseszun Family Foundation became involved with by leisah woldoff photo by ken brown photography BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 27 Levy BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 Make it Rights project in Kansas City which involved converting the historic Bancroft Elementary School into aordable green apartments. I just love Make it Rights whole idea of all-green really aordable housing with green materials Levy says. Theyre on the forefront to build aordable housing. On a local level Levy is nding projects and organizations that speak to her passions. She recently served as fundraising chair for an American Girl Doll and Phoenix Childrens Hospital Foundation fashion show that raised more than 60000 for the Emily Center at Phoenix Childrens Hospital a library that gives families of sick children access to free pediatric health information that is accurate and easy to understand. This project gave Levy an opportunity to get her 5-year- old daughter involved in philanthropic work. In addition to modeling in the fashion show Harlow ran a hot chocolate stand with a girlfriend to build that idea of giving back and that its not just about a fashion show. Shes also a member of Barrow Beyond a group that supports the mission of Barrow Neurological Institute. At Congregation Beth Israel shes chaired the Chanen Preschool fundraiser for the past three years one of the projects she helped raise money for was a new playground. She also is starting a congregation mishloach manot program for Purim that will be a fundraiser for the congregations religious school. Im really excited about it she says. I love the whole idea behind mishloach manot. What lesson does she want to pass down to her children To be mindful of whats around them and whos around them and how you can make the littlest dierence in someones day. ... I just want them to be good human beings that care about the world and want to give back. levy Brooke.indd 27 12216 1055 AM 28 Jewish News Congratulations Shelley Your Desert Botanical Garden Family 1201 N. Galvin Parkway Phoenix AZ 85008 480 941.1225 Shelley Cohn on the right with her partner Mollie Trivers at Desert Botanical Garden. Mazel tov to Shelley Cohn Chair of Hillels Life and Legacy Campaign and all the women honored this year. Thank you for paving the way. 480 967 7563 Lead. Learn. Innovate. Engage. A Jewish Cemetery that cares about the Jewish Community 24210 N.68th StreetPhoenixAZ 85054 off Pinnacle Peak Rd 480 585-6060 Dont procrastinate. Have the conversation. Dont leave the burden. Give the gift of Preplanning. A Jewish Cemetery that cares about the Jewish Community Dont procrastinate. Have the conversation. Dont leave the burden. Give the gift of Preplanning. Traditional Jewish Burials Caring Professional Staff Intermarried Families Welcome 24210 N. 68th Street Phoenix AZ 85054 off Pinnacle Peak Road 480 585-6060 women and sisterhood.indd 28 12116 124 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 29 BE APPRECIATED BE RESPECTED BE INCLUDED BELONG Picture Yourself Here McDowell Village inspires you to live the way you want......assisted and independent living while you continue your valued tradition of family. Call us today for a tour and see what SENIOR LIVING was meant to be. 480.359.3059 Senior Living 8300 E. McDowell Road Scottsdale AZ MCD 12pg. Jewish News 2-16.qxp_Layout 1 1716 323 PM Page 1 fun friendship and life skills chesed tzedakah and tikkun olam Being a Girl Scout means Girl ScoutsArizona Cactus-Pine Council supports every girl as she grows in her faith celebrates her culture and develops the courage condence and character needed to make the world a better place. for more info 602.452.7000 or 480.646.8444 3301 N. Miller Rd. Ste. 138 Scottsdale AZ 85251 Gastroenterology and Hepatology Colon Cancer Screening Board Certied in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Patients Choice Award 2014-2015 Most On-time Doctor 2015 Read reviews at Scottsdale Gastroenterology Associates Janet R Reiser MD women and sisterhood.indd 29 12116 126 PM 30 Jewish News SBonds of sisterhood by leisah woldoff I n an era in which Victorian social conventions limited most women to the private sphere of home and family the founding of the Reform movements National Federation of Temple Sister- hoods in 1913 was monumental for Jewish women because it increased their responsibilities within Judaism and the synagogue according to the Jewish Womens Archive JWA. This is around the same time that Jewish women were starting other organizations such as Hadassah The Zionist Womens Organi- zation of America founded in New York in 1912 by Henrietta Szold. Largely under Szolds leadership Hadassah created the infrastruc- ture for a modern medical system in Palestine that would serve both Jews and Arabs according to JWA. Locally Jewish women formed the Phoenix section of the Nation- al Council of Jewish Women NCJW in 1914 to help disadvantaged Jews in the Valley an effort that eventually led to the development of Jewish Family Childrens Service. NCJW along with Bnai Brith also raised money that helped build Phoenixs first synagogue at 122 E. Culver St. which now houses the CutlerPlotkin Jewish Heritage Center and laid the foundation for other organizations such as Hadassah and the Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood. The Valleys first Hadassah chapter was started in 1940 with Pearl Newmark a former co-owner and editor of Jewish News as its founding president. Today there are four local chapters including two in the East Valley and one in the West Valley that join approxi- Women hold a poster encouraging female mem- bers of the United Jewish Welfare Fund to attend a meeting for the UJWFs Jewish Women United Day in 1955. Photo courtesy of the Pearl and Cecil Newmark Memorial Archives at the Arizona Jewish Historical Society women and sisterhood.indd 30 12216 1100 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 31 mately 330000 members associates and supporters from around the world in Hadassahs mission of connecting and empowering Jewish women to effect change according to In addition to effecting change womens groups have another role they provide an opportunity for women to build relationships with each other. In a Jewish community such as Phoenix this role is especially valuable as Phoenixs growth brings many newcomers each year. On these pages are photographs of women participating in Valley womens groups through the years. And although things have changed in our society today in more ways than the fashions pictured here the need for female bond- ing is still the same. Several local synagogues still have Sisterhoods or Womens League or Eshet Chayil or Kol Isha or Jewish Womens Circle and the presence of womens groups such as Hadassah and NCJW continues to help strengthen communities here in Israel and around the world. Other Above The first meeting of the Phoenix Jewish Womens Federation was held in 1958 at the Outpost restaurant. From left are Fay Gross Bernice Siegel Fran Kulish and Dorothy Pickelner. Left Members of the Phoenix chapter of the Brandeis National Committee hold a tea at the home of Mrs. David Bush in 1954. Sisterhood presidents from Phoenix Scottsdale and Mesa synagogues plan the annual All Sisterhood Tea in 1964. From left are Mrs. Joseph Lagman of Temple Beth Israel Mrs. Louis Rosenberg of Beth El Congre- gation Mrs. David Kalish of Beth Hebrew Congregation Mrs. Milton Guren of Temple Beth Sholom of Mesa Mrs. Hy Eisenstein of Temple Emanuel of Scottsdale and Mrs. David Beit- man of Har Zion Congregation in Scottsdale. Note The original caption identified women only by their husbands names. Photos courtesy of the Pearl and Cecil Newmark Memorial Archives at the Arizona Jewish Historical Society women and sisterhood.indd 31 12216 1100 AM 32 Jewish News Sorting through books for a 1969 Brandeis Womens Book Sale are Hy Flegenheimer and Judy Silver standing Shyrle Schaffer seated left and Edith Mitchell seated right. Photos courtesy of the Pearl and Cecil Newmark Memorial Archives at the Arizona Jewish Historical Society longtime national womens organizations in the Valley include Brandeis National Com- mittee Jewish Women International and NAAMAT USA. The Valleys Jewish community also benefits from more recently developed pro- gramming by and for women. For instance the Womens Jewish Learn- ing Center founded in 2010 by Rabbi Elana Kanter provides opportunities for women of all backgrounds and Jewish affiliations to engage in deep Jewish learning and develop leadership skills. The organization based in Scottsdale has been recognized nationally in the Slingshot A Resource Guide to Jew- The women of Bnai Brith are shown here marching in support of Soviet Jews who were not allowed to practice Judaism in the Soviet Union in the early 1980s. Bnai Brith is a Jewish philanthropy dedicated to promoting Jew- ish human rights in the United States and internationally. women and sisterhood.indd 32 12216 1104 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 33 The Beth Israel Sisterhood planning com- mittee prepares for a fiesta. Pictured are Mrs. Ted Pozil Mrs. N.E. Garber Mrs. Jarvis Weiss and Mrs. Max Shoob. Photos courtesy of the Pearl and Cecil Newmark Memorial Archives at the Arizona Jewish Historical Society ish Innovation. Major Jewish institutions such as the Jew- ish Federation of Greater Phoenix also have programming specifically geared to women its Womens Philanthropy division develops programs for women with a goal to educate outreach fundraise and build Jewish commu- nity according to Whether its raising funds for hospitals in Israel Hadassah social services and pro- grams for women in children in Israel and America NAAMAT USA residential treatment centers in America and Israel JWI or advocating for issues that effect women children and families NCJW Jew- ish womens groups continue to play a vital role in strengthening communities through- out the world. Above Jewish community members dress up for a costume fashion show benefiting the Hadassah womens organization in October 1960. From left to right are Edie Stoneman Bill Freeman Chuck Metches Don Fann and Dianne Brown. Right Women gather for a Beth El Sister- hood Membership Tea. women and sisterhood.indd 33 12216 1104 AM 34 Jewish News Kaylie Marsh says shes the luckiest person in the world I get to do what I love every single day. As executive director of the Camp Swift Youth Foundation a local nonprot that provides educational and leadership opportunities for underprivileged youth Marsh administers the foundations many endeavors which include summer camp in Prescott and a popular after-school program. All Camp Swift activities are staed by Valley Jewish teens. After graduating from Phoenix Country Day School Marsh attended University of Colorado Boulder and then continued at University of Colorado Denver where she earned a master of public administration degree with a certicate in nonprot management. Then I had a wonderful opportunity to come back to Arizona and get my dream job. Marsh rst served as Camp Swift Youth Foundations interim executive director before becoming executive director in June 2015. While growing up at Temple Chai and participating in Temple Chai Temple Youth TCTY and North American Federation of Temple Youth NFTY activities Marsh had her rst taste of Camp Swift volunteering as a counselor in high school and then in summers during college as a unit head 3434 by marilyn hawkes photo by ken brown photography Kaylie and sta and logistics director. Ive always loved kids. I was initially hooked on Camp Swift because of the hands-on experience other than baby- sitting Marsh says. I never really had the opportunity to make a dierence in a kids life and at Camp Swift you see it right away within minutes after a camper gets o the bus. Helping others and giving back to the community comes naturally to Marsh whose mother has been a volunteer on the Maricopa County Foster Care Review Board for more than 20 years. Her work there really motivated me and my parents always taught me and my siblings to follow our passion and do what we love. This is what I love. In addition to her position at Camp Swift Marsh works part time as the assistant youth adviser for TCTY teaches classes in the Temple Chai religious school and helps out at regional NFTY events. Marsh also serves as the 20s liaison on the leadership team for Schmooze a new activity-based Jewish group for people in their 30s and 40s with a focus on community service. As Camp Swift executive director Marsh serves as a role model not only for the children the organization helps but also for the Jewish teen volunteers. They see that Camp Swift is clearly my passion and that Im responding to their text messages at 10 p.m. but beyond that its being open with the teens to an appropriate degree she says. For Marsh there are many rewards that come with the job but watching how the experience positively aects the teens is high on the list. Once they have gone through a session of camp they take on a sense of responsibility in all areas of their lives she says. Theres more of an understanding of the world around them and how lucky they are to have the things they have. Many of the teens who volunteer at Camp Swift are profoundly aected by the experience Marsh says. Some have gone on to become teachers and doctors and they often attribute their career choice to their involvement with Camp Swift. Im a product of it she says. People often tell Marsh that Camp Swift is one of the best-kept secrets in the Jewish community. I dont want it to be a secret she says. Our new tagline Fun is Just the Start symbolizes yes camp is fun but its so much more that that. Were developing leaders and strong community members. On a personal level Marshs work at Camp Swift provides her the opportunity to engage in tikkun olam. Its a value I was raised with she says. Its my responsibility to help create the community that Im a part of and in doing that I give back. marsh kaylie.indd 34 12116 129 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 35 Marsh marsh kaylie.indd 35 12116 131 PM 36 Jewish News10 Talyah 10 sands talyah.indd 36 12116 132 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 37 Talyah Sands feels fortunate to be part of a generation of women who grew up with so many options both personally and professionally. You can be who you want and have the career you want she says. For Sands 26 that career path led her into the public health arena. Born and raised in Scottsdale Sands attended University of Michigan where she earned a bachelors degree in psychosocial health with a minor in gender and health and continued on for a master of public health degree. While searching for an internship during graduate school Sands landed a position in tobacco control and alcohol management. I was tasked with working on the campus smoking policy she says. I realized then that I was really passionate about addiction and tobacco control as a public health issue. After graduating Sands secured a tailor-made job at the American Lung Association in Arizona as a program manager for the organizations Smoke-Free Multi-Family Housing Program working with apartment managers to adopt smoke- free policies on their properties. Once adopted the American Lung Association provides technical assistance to help those properties implement the policies. Its a movement thats been sweeping the nation and we have a lot of growth in our smoke-free policies here in Arizona she says. In addition to her work with the American Lung Association Sands served as a Youth Activism Fellow of the American Legacy Foundation which enabled her to participate in tobacco-control training and leadership development. While Sands has passion for her work she also has an anity for Jewish causes. Growing up at Temple Chai she participated in conrmation Hebrew High and North American Federation of Temple Youth NFTY. She also traveled to Israel during high school with NFTY in Israel. As a young professional moving back to the Valley after college in 2012 Sands wanted to nd her place in the Jewish community. It was time to gure out what Judaism meant to me and how I wanted to practice she says. In the summer of 2014 a friend invited her to attend an informal JNFuture planning meeting. JNFuture is Jewish BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 37BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 37 by marilyn hawkes photo by ken brown photography Sands National Funds leadership program for young adults. After learning about the organizations diverse eorts toward making Israel a stronger and more vibrant country she signed on to plan the groups kicko event and became board chair. I felt like JNF was the best way I could contribute to ensure that we have a homeland that is strong and thriving she says. Now in her second year as board chair Sands is pleased at the success and growth of the organization which boasts more than 80 members in their 20s and 30s. It has been a busy couple of years for Sands who is also in her second year as a fellow of Valley Beit Midrashs Start Me Up fellowship program for young Jewish leaders. She enjoys the groups monthly educational opportunities to examine Jewish values and learn about leadership and community building with VBM president and dean Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz and guest lecturers. Each Start Me Up participant must develop an initiative to create innovative programs that will enrich the greater Jewish community. Sands is working on her initiative in concert with another Start Me Up participant Erin Searle director of NowGen programs for Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix. Were trying to form something that we can give back to the community to really encourage and promote young adult engagement and leadership on boards and in our community institutions she says. Sands is a committed leader not only in the Jewish community but also in the greater community through her work as a public health professional. When I think about my career and what Im doing with my life I cant really imagine ... doing something where I wasnt giving back or helping people she says. Thats a really important factor for me in work or in whatever Im doing. sands talyah.indd 37 12216 1105 AM 38 Jewish News The Phoenix Community Kollel wishes Cindy Landesman a heart-felt Mazel Tov. As the Kollels Director of Womens Division she truly deserves such an honor. 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Proverbs 3110 With profound gratitude to Judy Schaffert for dedicated service to Jewish Tuition Organization SvK mc Mazal Tov to our congregants Judy Schaffert Beth Jo Zeitzer for their commitment and dedication to our community. 6805 E. McDonald Drive Paradise Valley AZ 85253 schaffert judy.indd 39 12116 134 PM 40 Jewish News10 Judy schaffert judy.indd 40 12116 137 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 41BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 41 Judy Schaert believes in making a dierence and that making a dierence starts close to home. My heart is really with the congregation congregational participation and leadership. I have done a number of things in the larger community but Im most at home with my temple. She is a stalwart of Temple Solel where shes been president co-founder of the Tour de Solel fundraising bike ride a participant and writer for Purim spiels and a choir member as well as having served on Solels membership committee and currently chairing its ritual committee. Occasionally she leads a Torah study or co-leads a service. Every Yom Kippur afternoon she says she leads a study session while the rabbis lead a childrens service. Some of her dierence-making eorts in the larger Jewish community outside of her work at Temple Solel include having been president of the Jewish Tuition Organization president of the former Jess Schwartz high school and having served on the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix board. I blame it on Les Wexner she says of her community involvement. He founded the Wexner Heritage Program which aims to develop Jewish leadership and she participated in a Phoenix cohort of the program back in the mid-1990s. He said Go forth and do good. Its kind of hard when someone has provided you with basically a free adult Jewish education to say No. I dont think Im going to do anything with this. But thats only part of it because in order to qualify for the program she had to be in some kind of leadership or leadership potential role. I do come from people who would say Whats good for the Jewish people and Thats all very well and good but stop complaining she says. Complaining was never something that was encouraged or tolerated. ... Responsibility is the watchword of Judaism and that was denitely inculcated in us. Her mother was a rst-grade teacher and her father was a social worker when she was growing up in West Orange BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 by salvatore caputo photo by ken brown photography Schaffert New Jersey where they went to a Conservadox shul. When theres something that needs to get done I cant sit around and say No. Really I cant do that. So I have in a couple three instances stepped up she says self- deprecatingly. My mom died in May and I feel like I have to rededicate myself to the things that are most important. When she was ill my mantra for her was If it gives you joy do it. And I dont think that necessarily means being self- indulgent. ... I share a love of music so Ive continued with the choir at Solel and when Ive been fortunate enough to sub for Todd Herzog Solels cantorial soloist or step in and share the bimah with Todd when the rabbis have not been around that gives me joy. Its something I can do that many other people cant do and its important for us to know our strengths and to say Can my strengths provide something to the community What brought her to the Valley Love. I came here for love she says. I met my husband Michael in law school and he wanted to live here and I thought Well Ive got to try this and see if it works. So Ive brought three Jews in. My husband became Jewish and we had two sons increased the team. As a lawyer shes been in public service through her career. I started out with the Attorney Generals Oce and Ive been with the State Supreme Court for 21-plus years. At the court she acts like a legal triage nurse looking at petitions to analyze and summarize them and to make recommendations on whether the court should hear each particular case. Why is all of her work so public spirited If you have a gift then its a good idea to gure out how you can share it she says. So my husband says Go o and do your pillar-of-the-community thing. Hes very funny. schaffert judy.indd 41 12516 759 AM 42 Jewish News42 Beth Jo Zeitzer is the kind of mom who enjoys having her childrens friends congregate at the house. As the mother of three boys Benjamin 19 Reuben 18 and Aaron 16 she and husband Adam Nach have plenty of experience providing snacks and cooking breakfasts. I love being able to have everybody over and have a comfortable place for the kids she says. While her children were growing up Zeitzer also stayed close to their environment by volunteering with organizations that were meaningful to them including BBYO Camp Swift and Bnai Tzedek. The boys attended The King David School where Zeitzer led many parent activities and helped raise money for the school. Over the years Zeitzer who is president and owner of ROI Properties a full-service real estate brokerage that also provides property management and real state advisory services has had an active role in the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix serving on the Executive Womens Board and taking the reins as president of the now-defunct Jewish Business and Professional Women. She has volunteered with Jewish National Fund Arizona Jewish Historical Society Jewish Free Loan and Birthright Israel as well as many other Jewish and secular organizations. Zeitzer has also taken an active leadership role in professional organizations including Arizona Commercial Real Estate Women and Arizona Trustee Association. In by marilyn hawkes photo by ken brown photography Beth Jo 2013 AZ Business Magazine named her one of the 50 Most Inuential Women in Arizona Business. Today Zeitzer serves as chair of the Jewish Community Foundation an organization that resonates strongly with her. The Jewish Community Foundation provides continuity within the Jewish community whether its here in the immediate community regionally domestically or internationally she says. You can customize the way you want to be involved and the way you want to give. Its true ldor vdor taking care of the generations. Raised in Central Phoenix Zeitzer spent her undergraduate years at University of Arizona and received her law degree from University of San Diego School of Law. She met her husband at Hebrew High but they didnt start dating until college. Weve always been strong advocates of Hebrew High she adds. They were married after Zeitzers rst year of law school close to 29 years ago. After moving back to the Valley in 1990 Zeitzer practiced law in private practice for three years before becoming corporate counsel for Del Webb. She eventually became the companys director of commercial properties. In 2003 she started ROI Properties. Zeitzer says shes always been drawn to real estate. I love the challenge of guring out what makes a property tick she says. Its like a puzzle for me. Though no longer practicing law Zeitzer spends more time in court now than she did before. Many of the sales we work on need court approval she says. For me real estate has always been a driver yet the legal piece is embedded in everything we do. Working in the male-dominated world of commercial real estate Zeitzer says shes one of very few women of her generation who have chosen this career path but sees younger women closing the gap. I think women bring a unique perspective the ability to understand the relationships and how things come together she says. Were used to juggling so many balls that were really good at making things happen. Along the way Zeitzer has had several inuential mentors including her parents as well as many businesswomen. These are people who understand how business works and how to make things happen but they also understand the inner personal side. In turn Zeitzer serves as a mentor to many young businesswomen and the occasional businessman. I mentor maybe ve people at a time she says. I really enjoy guring out how to help that next generation achieve their goals. 4242 beth jo zeitzer.indd 42 12216 1107 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 43 Zeitzer beth jo zeitzer.indd 43 12116 139 PM 44 Jewish News Blazing their own trails by Salvatore Caputo That figure was up 29.6 percent from 2007. Those busi- nesses brought in 1.6 trillion in receipts and the 10.6 per- cent of women-owned firms that have employees employed 8.9 million people in the U.S. in 2012. Just for clarification women-owned businesses include firms that are at least 50 percent owned by a woman. As Amanda Brown the executive director of the NWBC said in a statement for Small Business Week The economic impact of women entrepreneurs is a topic that cannot afford to fly under the radar. Women entrepreneurs are significant contributors to our economy. As the short profiles collected on the next few pages show Jewish women in the Valley have started some very interesting enterprises in networking publishing retail and other industries. Their reasons for starting a business are varied but most often youll hear them express their desire to just go for it and make their ideas bear financial fruit by being their own boss. Others enjoy working out of their own home and hav- ing a flexible if quite often hectic schedule. We asked the women four questions 1. When and why did you start your business 2. What advice would you give other women interested in starting a business 3. How do you balance your business and your life 4. What influence does being Jewish have on your busi- ness Their answers follow. T here are 10 million businesses owned by women in the United States a milestone reached in 2015 according to the National Womens Business Council. In fact women-owned businesses are the fastest-growing segment of the small-business community. Women-owned firms made up 36.2 percent of all nonfarm businesses in 2012 the latest year for which statistics are available. Gelie Akhenblit FounderCEO NetworkingPhoenix Launched 2008 Why did you start Networking Phoenix I started attending a lot of networking events to meet others who might inspire me. I realized there was a huge need in the market for a calendar that housed all of the local networking events. Soon after quitting my corpo- rate job I created the rst version of our online calendar. Originally it was just intended to be used by me and my networking friends I wasnt even sure others would like it. What stemmed from a hobby and an idea eight years later is a national company. Advice My advice to anyone who wants to venture out on their own is to go for it. With all the resources available to business owners and startups theres almost no reason not to try it. There are resources all over the Internet and our local entrepreneurial ecosystem has gotten a major boost since the days that I launched. Pas- sion strong vision and determination are all factors that will yield you great results. On work-life balance Delegate to others. In business and personal life if theres a task that doesnt require my attention then Ill delegate it. That gives me more time to do the things that I need to do for myself i.e. get to the gym. Its important to rest and recharge and thats something I learned the hard way. Eight years into running my own company Im very selsh with my personal time and thats something Ive learned not to apologize about. On being Jewish in business In business its all about the people and how you treat them. My philosophy is that everyone needs to be treated with respect and kind- ness dicult situations need to be dealt with in an ethical manner. Much of my innate thought process comes from being Jewish and I believe that one of the reasons Ive found my success is because of how I treat people. women and business.indd 44 12216 1109 AM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 45 Dermatology Aesthetics C As a leader in Phoenix and Scottsdale for cosmetic surg medical dermatologic care Clear Dermatology Aesth dedicated to providing our patients with the most adva professional and caring environment. Dr. Brenda LaTowsky a board-certified dermatologist a experienced physician assistant Katie Worsham offer a dermatology practice providing a wide range of treatm include medical and surgical procedures skin cancer di treatment advanced therapy for psoriasis acne acne s other skin conditions and popular cosmetic procedures Botox Kybella Sculptra Microneedling and more. Please contact us at Thompson Medical Plaza 20201 Scottsdale Healthcare Dr. Suite 260 Scottsdale A Office 480-398-1550 Fax 480-398-1551 Dermatology Aesthetics Center As a leader in Phoenix and Scottsdale for cosmetic surgical and medical dermatologic care Clear Dermatology Aesthetics Center is dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced care in a professional and caring environment. Dr. Brenda LaTowsky a board-certified dermatologist and her experienced physician assistant Katie Worsham offer a full-service dermatology practice providing a wide range of treatments. These include medical and surgical procedures skin cancer diagnosis and treatment advanced therapy for psoriasis acne acne scarring and other skin conditions and popular cosmetic procedures such as Botox Kybella Sculptra Microneedling and more. Please contact us at Thompson Medical Plaza 20201 Scottsdale Healthcare Dr. Suite 260 Scottsdale AZ 85255 Office 480-398-1550 Fax 480-398-1551 Dermatology Aesthetics Center As a leader in Phoenix and Scottsdale for cosmetic surgical and medical dermatologic care Clear Dermatology Aesthetics Center is dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced care in a professional and caring environment. Dr. Brenda LaTowsky a board-certified dermatologist and her experienced physician assistant Katie Worsham offer a full-service dermatology practice providing a wide range of treatments. These include medical and surgical procedures skin cancer diagnosis and treatment advanced therapy for psoriasis acne acne scarring and other skin conditions and popular cosmetic procedures such as Botox Kybella Sculptra Microneedling and more. Please contact us at Thompson Medical Plaza 20201 Scottsdale Healthcare Dr. Suite 260 Scottsdale AZ 85255 Office 480-398-1550 Fax 480-398-1551 As a leader in Phoenix and Scottsdale for cosmetic surgical and medical dermatologic care Clear Dermatology Aesthetics Center is dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced care in a professional and caring environment. Dr. Brenda LaTowsky a board-certied dermatologist and her experienced physician assistant Katie Worsham oer a full-service dermatology practice providing a wide range of treatments. These include medical and surgical procedures skin cancer diagnosis and treatment advanced therapy for psoriasis acne acne scarring and other skin conditions and popular cosmetic procedures such as Botox Kybell Sculptra Microneedling and more. Please contact us at Thompson Medical Plaza 20201 Scottsdale Healthcare Dr. Suite 260 Scottsdale AZ 85255 Oce 480-398-1550 Fax 480-398-1551 web Let us celebrate the honored women of the Valley These women are what make our community the best it can be. Congratulations to all the women. women and business.indd 45 12116 141 PM 46 Jewish News Tamara Bickley OwnerCertied professional makeup artist Makeup Artistry by Tamara Launched 2012 Why did you start Makeup Artistry by Ta- mara Makeup is my passion. For years Id said I want to do makeup for commercials ads and photo shoots. Then one day I literally woke up drove to the Arizona Corporation Commission and applied for an LLC. I started building my makeup kit and website. When all of the business pieces were in place I put myself out there to do makeup whenever and however I could. Advice Theres a lot to say about starting a business but what discourages many women is rejection and pro- fessional visibility. Embrace rejection because its a learn- ing tool and motivator. Join and be active on multiple forms of social media and professional sites that pertain to your industry. Social media is a wonderful and free way to advertise and have total control of your brand. On work-life balance Women are busy with life and families. To successfully own a business consider the busi- ness another part of your life not a separate entity. I spend countless hours educating myself on how to improve and stay current in my industry. Ive sacriced many week- ends family time and friend get-togethers for my business. If I dont neither my business nor I will continue to grow. If your business is your passion youll naturally gravitate toward what calls you and nd the balance. On being Jewish in business Im proud to have done makeup for many local bat mitzvah girls and their moth- ers. When mothers seek a makeup artist for their barbat mitzvah events they feel comfortable knowing that as a Jewish mother Im familiar with what theyre experienc- ing. Ive been the mother of a bat mitzvah. I understand how special yet hectic the day is. I know how to commu- nicate with teen girls and how to achieve the makeup looks they want while making their mothers happy. Deborah Lavinsky PMA-CPTOwner BellaBody Pilates Launched 2013 Why did you start BellaBody Pilates I didnt expect that BellaBody Pilates would be more than part- time as I was working full-time as a nancial adviser. I was interested in learning how to perform mat Pilates exercises that I could do at home in addition to the private equipment classes that I was taking. Student teaching was part of the training and I loved it acquired clients and my practice snowballed. One thing led to another and I opened BellaBody Pilates studio in August 2014. After 18 years in nancial services I retired in December 2014 to devote myself to BellaBody Pilates and havent looked back. Advice Women have a tendency to overanalyze get advice shop and procrastinate aka paralysis by analy- sis. There are abundant free resources to jump-start ones entrepreneurial process the Arizona Corporation Commis- sion website has steps to follow for incorporation SCORE. org has business planning templates and Arizona Small Business Development Center oers business classes. Take a chance on yourself get out there and pursue your dream. On work-life balance I work vampire hours. I start teaching most days at 6 a.m. have a small break midday and then nish my teaching at 7 p.m. Its very dicult to balance right now as I am still building my business. I take vacation time during the slower times of the year spending quality time with my husband children and baby grandson. On being Jewish in business Tzedakah has always been an important aspect of my Jewish life. I host monthly free classes and request donations go to an important cause. November was Boxer Luv Rescue January is for Baby So- nya AhavaCDKL5 who has a rare seizure disorder. I also donate lots of Pilates and barre class packages for charitable silent auctions. I do not work on Shabbat and our holidays introducing the concept of rest to my clients. women and business.indd 46 12116 143 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 47 Dr. Alyssa S. Levin Orthodontist North Valley Orthodontics Launched 2010 Why did you start North Valley Orthodontics I had a vision and a dream. That vision was creating beauti- ful smiles in a very personal and caring environment. In the post-recession era opportunities to join or buy an existing orthodontic practice were sparse. So this deter- mined Canadian set out to create an opportunity that would fulll her dream. It was really as simple as that. Advice Surround yourself with quality people. I do not think even for a second that the success of my busi- ness is mine alone. I sought out positive mentors to help guide me and I hired an incredible team. I challenge my sta to be critical thinkers and I empower them to make decisions. Not only is my day less stressful knowing I do not have to oversee their every move but their loyalty in return is truly humbling. On work-life balance I still struggle with this part. I think balance is dierent for everyone. For me it means enriching my life with meaningful friendships. I also make it a point to schedule time away from the oce. This helps to improve my focus in the short term with my reward being the experience of a new culture or exhilarating change of scenery. On being Jewish in business I am passionate about serving my community beyond the oce walls. First tze- dakah I choose to help local schools and PTAs provide for todays youth that which might not be possible otherwise iPads for classrooms healthtness and arts programs are some of the larger projects that come to mind. Second tikkun olam I dedicate time almost monthly for team com- munity service. Everyone rotates researching and coor- dinating something that resonates personally. This past year we helped MASK stage a drunk-driving accident at Pinnacle High School took Build-A-Bears to Phoenix Childrens Hospital and played games with residents at Palos Verdes Senior Living to name a few. Leslie Levy Owner Leslie Levy Fine Art Launched 1977 Why did you start Leslie Levy Fine Art I have always had a special interest in art. When my children started school I began taking art classes. Eventually people started asking to purchase my paintings. When I lived in Maryland I organized a successful art exhibition featuring various local artists so after moving to Arizona in 1976 I thought it might be fun to open a small art gal- lery. Advice I would suggest that you rst take a few business classes at a community college. Im- portant classes should include sales and market- ing techniques and basic accounting principles. To learn as much as you can about a particular type of business I would advise that you work for an existing company. This will help you to gain knowledge that will prove valuable when you open your own business. On work-life balance That is a constant struggle. When you own your own business there is always something that needs to be done. Be prepared to work on weekends. Operating a retail business is especially dicult. For 32 years my art gallery was open seven days a week and Thursday evenings as well. I now operate my art gallery as an online business from home. It has its own challenges because customers contact us 247. I do believe that it is important to take time away from your business just for fun. Make sure to plan trips even if its to local destinations. Pretend that youre a tourist. Visit museums and festivals. Also be sure to take at least one or two vacations out of town each year. women and business.indd 47 12116 144 PM 48 Jewish News Linda F. Radke Publisher Five Star Publications Launched 1985 Why did you start Five Star Publications I am a former teacher and also the former owner of a household employment agency. I have always been a pioneer in the elds I pursued. It was when I had my domestic employment agency that I wrote my rst three books. The Domestic Screening Kit Nannies Maids More The Complete Guide for Hiring Household Help and The Options Directory of Child and Senior Care Services. During the ve years of owning and operating Domestic Consultants Inc. I screened more than 5000 household applicants and placed more than 1000 candidates as nannies maids butlers live-in couples and more. I took the expertise I collected over those years and created books to help share the knowl- edge about nding and keeping household help. One day my husband commented on my passion for pub- lishing and marketing. He wanted to know if I sold my agency whether I would want to pursue publishing and marketing books full time. The answer was YES I sold my agency and the rest is history. Advice Follow your passion listen to your gut and surround yourself with a talented and experienced team. On work-life balance I was blessed to be able to run my business from my home. This allowed me to bal- ance work with time with my children husband and dog. On being Jewish in business My goal is to always treat others the way I want to be treated and I try very hard to extend that philosophy to my business as well. Also I was raised by parents who although they did not have much had very giving hearts. Tzedakah was not taught to us it was shown to us. I feel strongly about giving back by providing books to underprivileged children or donating a portion of a books proceeds to a worthy cause. Many of my authors do the same. Misty Guerriero Navon FounderOwner Vintage by Misty Launched 2009 Why did you start Vintage by Misty Ive had a decades-long love aair with vintage fashion and I simply wanted to share my passion. Arizona shoppers have become accustomed to strip mall culture and I wanted to change that by oering something dierent. Vintage by Misty advocates for personal style versus fast fashion. Advice My advice to other women is to always support one another no matter how small the endeavor. Put integrity at the front line and things will fall into place. On work-life balance Balancing life and business requires a lifetime of practice and pa- tience. I have a husband and young daughter so I make sure to prioritize family rst. I have a won- derful support system so my business has really become a family aair. On being Jewish in business A large part of Judaism revolves around treating others with kind- ness. It involves helping and protecting people. These commandments of kindness extend to business ethics and even inanimate objects. Remembering these core values is very much a sur- vival tactic in the world we live in today. They will truly set you apart from the rest. Everyone who shops Vintage by Misty whether a new or exist- ing customer is consistently treated with the same level of empathy and respect. In life and business its compassion that counts. women and business.indd 48 12116 144 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 49 Get yourself a teacher acquire for yourself a partner and judge others with favor Pirkei Avot 16 Mazal tov to Rabbi Elana Kanter from The New Shul and The Womens Jewish Learning Center GourmetArtisanPopcorn CustomFavors Gifts SpecialEventCatering Call 480-406-8935 FreeShipping UsecouponcodeJNEWS Improving your companys image just got easier Diverse markets to spread your marketing dollars Weekly print newspaper Annual community directory Annual gloss magazine 246 active website Thrice weekly online news updates Contact your account executive or call 602-870-9470 today women and business.indd 49 12116 146 PM 50 Jewish News Pam Raphael OwnerOperator AZ POPS Launched 2011 Why did you start AZ POPS We moved our fam- ily back to Phoenix to be close to family. My husband had been working on the Popsicle idea for a while. Our pops are quite amazing and we knew we had a great idea and an amazing product. Phoenix is the most perfect place for Popsicles long Popsicle season I had a hard time nding a job in preschool administration here in Phoenix and other preschool positions just didnt make good nancial sense at the time for our family. For the rst four years we rented a kitchen and sold at farmers markets wholesale special orders and events. Even though I worked more than 40 hours a week it gave me the exibility to take care of our family while earning an income. Our youngest child was just 5 at the time. Advice If your kids are still young incorporate your kids in what you do. Answer their questions and explain money to them what things cost how much you make why you make some of your decisions. They become so smart Be resourceful. Ask lots of questions. When you make a mistake let it go. Just say to yourself I wont do that again Be respectful and expect respect. On work-life balance Ha ha ha Still working on that We have eaten lots of picnic take-out dinners as a family in the kitchen and have had my kids do home- work in kitchen. I try not to force my kids to work too much but we do have a family business and there are times working is just part of being part of our family. We need their help and they now take a lot of pride in our family having this business. I hire sta and let them do their job. I do my best to be home in the evenings. On being Jewish in business I am aware to buy items with a heksher. Even though we only ocially kosher our kitchen for Passover with the Phoenix Vaad heksher our kitchen and product is kosher all year round. We are very family friendly and welcome all types of people. Shalom bayit. Sheri Sender Owner The Wing Counter Launched 2015 Why did you start The Wing Counter My husband and I have been in the franchise business for over 25 years. We own nine Subway restaurants across the Valley that have been an incredible blessing to us. We recently realized that we werent able to grow our business with Subway yet we have amazing hard-work- ing and loyal employees that we want to continue to motivate. We want to give them the ability to improve themselves and move up in our company. So with that in mind we decided to start our own business which has been challenging and extremely rewarding for us as well. Advice Find a passion and go for it. Ask a lot of questions. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and soak it all up. On work-life balance Im in business with my husband and our girls are extremely supportive of that. A lot of our conversations are around family values business and how to show up for ourselves and others. Business for me is about helping to develop skills in my employees to empower them to be better individuals which I also do with my girls. On being Jewish in business Being Jewish has given me a foundation of morals and values that I believe in. It is a way of life for me that permeates all areas of my life. It is about family which includes my employees and giving back. I serve on the board at our synagogue and the coming-year board of EO the entrepreneur organization Ive been a member of for the past seven years. Judaism has guided me on how to respect and treat others and most importantly on how to help shape the amazing young women my daughters have become. women and business.indd 50 12116 147 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 51 Whats your story E N T E R T A I N M E N T B U R N I N G S U N S VIDEO PRODUCTION GRAPHIC DESIGN PHOTOGRAPHY .................................................................... ............................for............................ Corporate Events Advertising Training Programs Websites YouTube Anything you can imagine 703 801-7603 50 Off Vaccines with this ad Once per pet Exam required New clients only Compassionate Quality Pet Care We now see exotics too Wellness Plans available 529 E. Maryland Ave. Phoenix 602-279-7366 Karls Quality Bakery 111 East Dunlap Avenue Suite 13 Phoenix Arizona 85020 602 997-7849 Fresh goods baked daily Custom baked goods Classes Proudly featuring Karls Quality Bakery 111 East Dunlap Avenue Suite 13 women and business.indd 51 12116 147 PM 52 Jewish News GLASSES CONTACT LENSES OPTICAL TAGER Dior Cazal Rayban Maui Jim FreeAdjustments 37 years experience worth seeing BILTMORE PLAZA 32nd St. Camelback 602-957-1716 Hours Mon.-Fri. 930 a.m.-530 p.m Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. SINAISINAI MORTUARY E S T A B L I S H E D 1 9 7 1 Arizonas Only Jewish Funeral Home Arizonas Only Member of the Jewish Funeral Directors of America Arizonas Only Jewish Owned Operated Funeral Home Arizonas Only Funeral Home Endorsed by the Entire Rabbinical Council JONATHAN PERLMAN 3rd Generation Jewish Funeral Director 602 248-0030 4538 NORTH SIXTEENTH STREET PHOENIX ARIZONA 85016 WWW.SINAIMORTUARY.NET EMAIL SINAIMORTUARYCOX.NET We Are Care. 480.860.6396 9494 E. Becker Ln. Short-Term Rehabilitation Skilled Nursing Specialty Therapy Programs Services Private Suites Reserve your room today 480-860-6396 Joint Commission Accredited 68131 women in pictures.indd 52 12116 149 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 53BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 53 WOMENWOMENWOMEN PHOTOSPHOTOSin Crossing paths Debbie Yunker Kail left executive director of Hillel at ASU ran into members of Phoenixs Honeymoon Israel trip while she was leading a Birthright Israel trip. Also pictured are Hon- eymoon Israel trip leader Erin Searle center and participant Amanda Garcia right. Photo courtesy of Debbie Yunker Kail Token of thanks Susan Farber left and Cindy Sapersteinnew members of the JNF Sapphire So-ciety show off the pins they received as part of their membership. Photo courtesy of Deb Rochford Class reunion The women of the Bureau of Jewish Educations Winter2015 Jewish Baby University reunited with the newestadditions to their families. In front from left are Lisaand Ethan Gulinson Lauren and Natalie Evan and Beccaand Jacob Solomon. In back from left are Maya andEmma Axt Amy Kody and Kelsey Limmer Justine andAvi Simon Stacy and Brody Kaplan and Cori and BryceNestler. Not pictured are Jamie and Natalie Blaine andTracey and Ari Sayet. Photo courtesy of Linda Feldman 2015 was a great year for women in the Greater Phoenix Jewish community. Here are a few snapshots from the pages of the Jewish News that illustrate the contribution that women make to life in the Valley. women in pictures.indd 53 12516 803 AM 54 Jewish News54 Jewish News Lunching for charity Jewish Family Childrens Services Brighter Tomorrow Luncheon held Feb. 27 at the Arizona Biltmore drew 460 people and raised 280000 for JFCS programs. Pictured from left are attendees Ruth Cooper JFCS director of fund development Carrol Gottfried and Sue Adatto. Photo courtesy of JFCS Baking buddies Challah Bake co-chairs were Suzanne Ungar left and Randi Jablin right. Also pictured from left are Shabbat Project co-chair Robin Meyerson Jean Grossman of the Harold and Jean Grossman Family Foundation which sponsored the event and Shabbat Project co-chair Mim Bottner. Photo by Joel Zolondek Wheres your Jewish News Local members of the Jewish Federations of North America Heart to Heart Womens Journey to Israel mis- sion show off the Jewish News on their trip. Standing from left are Cyndi Rosenthal Jeanette Wachs Jackie Schenkein Susan Silver Shari Kanefsky Esther Schon Sandy Rife and Michele Wiltchik. Photo courtesy of Sandy Rife Getting creative Jennifer Jalowiec left and Young Jewish PhoenixYJP board members Gabby Richman and Carly Fig-man display the items they made at Pinspiration aladies night event hosted on June 11 by YJP a pro-gram of the Jewish Federation of Greater PhoenixsNOWGen initiative. Photo courtesy of YJP 545454 Charity trekkers From left Stefanie Hymovitch Julie Hymovitch and Brenda Fox stop for a photo during the Susan G. Komen 3-Day breast cancer walk in San Diego. Photo courtesy of Julie Hymovitch women in pictures.indd 54 12116 247 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 55BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 55 Wine women The Sisters of Solel group enjoy an evening out at Tommy Vs Urban Kitchen in Scottsdale. Attendees sampled three types of wine paired with appetizers. Photo courtesy of Adina Zarchan Fashion plates The Shalom Chapter of Hadassah hosted a High Tea and Fashion Show for members and guests. Attendees wore hats and gloves and enjoyed tea and snacks while models showed off outfits from Chicos. Photo courtesy of Doris Codkind We love learning From left Sandy Adler Rabbi Elana Kanter andSuzanne Swift spearhead the inaugural LimmudAZ. Photo by Joel Zolondek Brunch bunch About 185 women attended the April 26 Phoenix Kollel Womens Division brunch. The event celebrated 10 years of dedication and learning throughout the Valley Cindy Landesman the director of the womens division was the guest of honor. Photo courtesy of Esther Bronsteyn Local fashionistas About 150 people attended Congregation Beth TefillahsMarch 22 fashion show. The event included modest fashionsmodeled by community members a boutique and a musi-cal performance. Pictured from left are Esther AlloucheMichele Czopp Yvonne Zenati and Tami Remen. Photo courtesy of Esther Allouche women in pictures.indd 55 12116 248 PM 56 Jewish News With Admiration and Respect to all of this Years Honorees and their Families Congregation Beth Israel shares a Yasher Koach and a Special Mazel Tov to Gail Baer Shelley Cohn Shternie Deitsch Rabbi Elana Kanter Cindy Landesman Brooke Levy Kaylie Marsh Talyah Sands Judy Schaffert Beth Jo Zeitzer May You continue to Go From Strength to Strength Rabbi Stephen Kahn Rabbi Rony Keller Cathy Rabinovitch Executive Director Gail Baer President women in pictures.indd 56 12116 231 PM BEST OF JEWISH PHOENIX 2016 57 CallustodayforyourFREEin-homecareassessmentplan 602.264.8009 Dementia and Alzheimers care specialists Serving the Valley since 1994 Jewish family owned and operated Mealpreparation Shopping Laundry Personalcare Transportation Medicationreminders... Its Personal women in pictures.indd 57 12116 232 PM 58 Jewish News For reservations or more information please call 855.434.6776 or visit www.lauberge.comjewish-news-2016 An IMH Financial Corporation Property SELECT YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS. WELL PROVIDE THE DAILY RESORT CREDIT OF 70 - 125 Experience a luxurious LAuberge de Sedona getaway on your terms. Explore relax indulge connect and rejuvenate in a private creekside enclave just a short drive from Phoenix. Apply your daily resort credit towards world-class dining at Cress on Oak Creek Etch Kitchen Bar and the Spa at LAuberge. Book now - December 31 2016. LAuberge de Sedona was recently named the 1 Hotel in the Southwest by Cond Nast Readers Choice Awards 2015. SIMPLY MAGICAL The 1 Hotel in the Southwest is only a short drive away... women in pictures.indd 58 12216 1015 AM