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Israeli and Arizonan firefighters share knowledge and resources

After 9/11, Richard Johnson, then a captain for the Tucson Fire Department, thought Arizona needed to be more proactive in preparing for potential mass casualty events, as few departments around the U.S. had any repeated experience with them.

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Weekend of historic firsts for Congregation Lev Shalom

As lightning flashed and a heavy rain fell outside last Saturday in Flagstaff, roughly 40 women within Congregation Lev Shalom formed a large oval around three cantors, who led the group in song as they all clapped their hands and danced.

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Refreshing no-bake desserts perfect for summer

There is something special about an elaborate dessert. Finishing a meal with a showstopper of a sweet treat makes everyone smile.

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Religious Life

Freedom and justice for all

Parshat Devarim, Deutoronomy 1:1-3:22

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Preparing for a new sibling

For my family, this will be the summer of The Second Coming, by which I mean the birth of our second daughter in August.

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