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A centuries-old Torah finds its way to Arizona

A Torah created 300 years ago in the Moroccan desert has found its 21st-century home in the deserts of Arizona.

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Trump makes historic, yet private visit to Western Wall

President Donald Trump made a historic, yet private visit Monday to Jerusalem’s Western Wall, becoming the first sitting American president to do so.

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‘Does what happened on Mount Sinai Matter?’

Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, president and dean of Valley Beit Midrash, will present “Does What Happened on Mount Sinai Matter?” 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 30, at Temple Kol Ami, 15030 N. 64th St., Scottsdale.

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Wrapping up another year of teen programming

In an effort to build a Jewish teen community across the Valley, Jewish News and The League present Teen Scene, featuring monthly content devoted to teen programming. Here is a recap of recent events and a roundup of events to come.

Arts & Culture

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Bravo’s Andy Cohen team up for a night of conversation

One is known for his hard-hitting interviews with national and world leaders. The other is known for bringing us “The Real Housewives.” One thing they do share are the same initials.

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Torah study

Just deserts

When we were children, our teachers would provide us with mnemonic devices to recall how to spell different words correctly. Remember the classic: “i before e except after c”? There was another such pedagogic device that I recall regarding the spelling of the words dessert and desert respectively. My teacher taught that “dessert,” that delicious final course of the meal, was spelled with two S’s because we always wanted seconds, whereas when it came to the desert or wilderness, we generally do not want more than one.

Shavuot treats for those on gluten-free diets

It is customary to eat dairy food on Shavuot, which is May 30 and June 1 this year, for a number of reasons. One reason is that Shavuot is linked to the Exodus from Egypt into the Promised Land, and it is written “From the misery of Egypt to a country flowing with milk and honey...” (Exodus 3:8-17).

  • icon Posted: May 17

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Inscribing a lasting legacy in JCF’s ‘Book of Life’

The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix recently celebrated individuals, families and organizations that are making a commitment to the future of the Valley’s Jewish community.

Summer Cool

Resorts offer luxury packages for Valley residents

The Memorial Day weekend signals the start of the summer resort season here in the Valley. As the snowbirds head back north to escape the heat, resilient Arizonans get the opportunity to experience many of the beautiful luxury resorts the Valley has to offer – at steep discounts. Take a look at our Summer Staycation Resort Guide and find a summer resort package you and your family can enjoy.


Haredi Israel in 2059

Israel’s fast-growing haredi Orthodox population is, in many ways, distinct from mainstream Jewish Israelis, whether secular, traditional or modern Orthodox. Like many Israeli Arabs, large segments of the haredi community have an ambivalent relationship with the state. The haredi community, like its Arab counterpart, is also marked by high levels of poverty.

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