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Will AIPAC put 2016 discord behind it?

Thousands of politically-savvy pro-Israel activists will come to Washington this weekend for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s 2017 policy conference.

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Rabbi to present lecture about Hispanic Sefardi

As a statement of gratitude for the community support he received after a car accident, Rabbi Yosef Garcia will present a talk, “Crypto Jews/Hispanic Sefardi: The Hidden Jews Among Us,” 7-8:30 p.m. Thursday, March 23, at the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, 122 E. Culver St., Phoenix.

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America the loser with ‘America First’

In selling the new administration’s astonishingly thin budget proposal last week, Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney said that it “represents a president who is beholden to nobody but the voters.” “He is following through on his promises,” Mulvaney went on. “We did not consult with special interests on how to write this budget. We did not consult with lobbyists on how to write this budget. The president’s team wrote this budget, and that’s what you’ll see in the numbers.”

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Living wills, advanced directives are important for adults of all ages

It’s been quite a month. A coworker was in a car accident and spent days in the ICU, a family member was in a serious trauma and spent weeks in the hospital, and I caught the flu and ended up with a bronchitis that lasted five weeks and made me appreciate how I take breathing for granted. In each of these situations, the person in question was in the prime of life; all three of us had a reasonable expectation of a long life ahead. And yet, with each, it could have ended differently.

  • icon Posted: March 22


SARRC opens cafe at Phoenix library

Phoenix has been dubbed “an autism friendly city” by multiple sources and one of the reasons is the work of Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC), a nonprofit organization that provides a variety of services for those with ASD and those impacted by it.

Arts & Culture

‘Hidden Ones’ tells story of family of conversos

When local author Marcia Fine writes historical fiction, she immerses herself in the characters to the point of dreaming about them. Her desk is scattered with notebooks full of facts about textiles, foods, geography and clothing of the time period she’s writing about. “It has to be accurate,” she says.

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SLJC Sisterhood Card Party benefits several charities

Combining fun and fundraising has been a successful strategy for Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Sisterhood for over 20 years. Two hundred participants played mah-jongg, canasta, rummy cube, Mexican train, scrabble and board games at this year’s Card Party, “Get Your Game On,” held Feb. 7 at Oakwood Country Club.

  • icon Posted: March 22