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Camp Newman community remains strong after fire

Ethan Blyn, a freshman at the University of Washington, first heard about the wildfires in Northern California after checking Facebook on the morning of Oct. 9, and learning that URJ Camp Newman in Santa Rosa, California, was evacuated.

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Believing and not believing

The Torah tells us (chapter 7, v. 7) that Noach and his family went into the ark “because of the waters of the flood.” Rashi on this verse takes note of the superfluous words “because of the waters of the flood,” and says that Noach was one that had little faith in Hashem, and did not enter the ark until the waters of the flood forced him in. Rashi also refers to Noach as one who believed but really didn’t believe that the flood would come.

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Valley winter camps offer man-made snow, Hawaiian luaus, ‘Top Chef’ contests

Even though fall just started, winter break is just around the corner from a planning perspective. That means it’s time to start thinking now about the winter camps offered by JCCs, synagogues and other organizations throughout the Valley’s Jewish community.

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Harvey Weinstein is not a Jewish issue

Over the past two weeks, we have seen many reactions and reactions-to-reactions to the story of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long pattern of reported sexual harassment and assault of women. Most of us are simply repulsed by the allegations of unchecked abuse of power and Sodom and Gomorrah-style depravity. And for some, the reactions are even more pronounced because Harvey Weinstein is Jewish.

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