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High Holiday art contest

The High Holidays are upon us, and that means apples and honey, the blowing of the shofar and many other traditions and celebrations. Below are depictions of the High Holidays from the perspective of children across the Greater Phoenix area. Not surprisingly, apples and honey were included in many of the photos, and for good reason. Everyone enjoys those delectable treats as we usher in the sweet new year. Enjoy the beautifully drawn pictures of activities and practices from the High Holiday traditions. These and other submissions will be accessible online at jewishaz.com.

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The Briefing

Shimon Peres, last of Israel’s founders, dies

TEL AVIV — Shimon Peres, the former defense hawk turned Nobel Peace Prize winner and the last of Israel’s founders, has died.

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Community Calendar 9-30-16


Rosh Hashanah

Celebrating the holidays outside of shul

There is a lot of beauty to the traditional synagogue experience. However, a traditional High Holidays service just does not speak to some – especially many young adults.

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Welcoming the stranger

I have a beautiful poster hanging in my office emblazoned with the words of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. It reads, “A Jew is asked to take a leap of action, rather than a leap of faith.” The bold, prophetic voice in Judaism, surely echoed by Heschel, constantly reminds us that Jewish prayers and rituals, along with their spiritual nourishment, serve a greater purpose: they command Jews to act.

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Arts & Culture

Shalom Y’all: Joe Buchanan

With everything being bigger in Texas, so is the need to find one’s place in the community. Houston-based singer-songwriter Joe Buchanan used his own special style of music – Americana with a Jewish soul – to find his faith and place in Judaism. 

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Election 2016

Bibi and Barack part amiably as chilly US-Israel relations thaw

WASHINGTON – When President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met for what was likely to be the last time as leaders of their countries, the most important thing they said was "see you soon."

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