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Valley teens, business mentor go to LA for Israeli American Council Eitanim Summer Hackathon

Last week, 170 Jewish American and Israeli teens gathered in Los Angeles for the Israeli American Council Eitanim Summer Hackathon, where groups of teens developed solutions to real-world challenges while receiving advice and training from mentors.

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Valley Jewish resident champions law firm’s summer water campaign

Summer in Arizona is the deadliest time of the year. With temperatures regularly hovering between 110 and 115 degrees, the homeless are particularly vulnerable, especially when they lack access to drinking water.

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Author Turns ‘The Opposite’ Into Success

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Facts you need to know about air conditioners

During the summer in central and southern Arizona, air conditioners are not a “nice to have,” they are a “must have.” When it’s 115 degrees outside and you turn on your air conditioner and nothing happens, it’s one of your worst fears come true. But how much are you to blame for this situation? True, you had been thinking about replacing the AC for a long time, but you kept putting it off — probably because you didn’t know whether it had any more life left in it. And now, there’s a crisis.

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A step back for equal education

The unsettling feeling for many people that accompanied Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement amplified the disruption the Trump administration is pursuing in almost every aspect of domestic and international life. Things that were taken for granted as largely settled are being called into question, reversed or outright abandoned.

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