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Sinema wins US Senate seat; results mixed for Jewish candidates

Arizona has made history with the election of Democratic U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema to the U.S. Senate. Following a nail-biter of a race, Sinema is now the first woman from Arizona to ever be elected to the Senate and the first Democrat from the Grand Canyon State to hold the seat since Dennis DeConcini was elected in 1976 to the first of his three terms.

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Hamas ‘raises the stakes’ with mass rocket assault on Israel’s south

Hamas and other armed Gazan factions launched a widespread rocket and mortar assault on southern Israel as evening descended on Monday, in an assault seen by the terror organizations as a calculated risk.

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Calendar - Nov. 16, 2018


Religious Life

‘God was in this place and I did not know it.’

Over the last two years, an evangelical pastor, an imam and this rabbi have worked intentionally to create bonds of friendship through shared experiences in our community. This is not a joke. And it is not “interfaith dialogue.” It is “multifaith dialogue.” Multifaith dialogue differs from interfaith dialogue in that it allows people with deep convictions to faithfully represent what they believe, work for peace, engage in dialogue, build friendships, and not feel like they have to compromise. 

Special Section: Family Matters

Managing pediatric pain in the era of opioids

With the tragic prevalence of opioid addiction in the United States, we all need to pay attention to the ways that children’s pain is addressed in both acute and chronic situations. Children feel and express pain differently than adults, both parents and doctors agree. At the same time, pediatric pain management is a complex topic for doctors and often a baffling one for parents. Some parents, fearful of their child’s suffering, want them to receive narcotics to numb the pain. Others find the possibility of addiction even more frightening and don’t want their child prescribed any opioid narcotics, regardless of pain levels.

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Special Section: Camp & School

Pardes students benefit from innovative lessons, new technology

There are some people who remember when being in school meant rote memorization from dusty textbooks and maybe one half-working computer for everyone to share. Those days are long gone. Now schools are bringing technology and innovative educational programming to students — as is clear from two recent ventures at Pardes Jewish Day School.

Special Section: Chanukah

Preserving Jewish tradition in interfaith families

The December Dilemma is a reality that many interfaith families live out each holiday season. The big question is how to balance Christmas and Chanukah in a family with a parent of each faith.


A measured midterm shift

The results of last week’s midterms didn’t meet the “blue wave” projections of the Democrats, nor did it qualify as the total vindication sought by the Republicans. Nonetheless, the results were significant. Democrats handily captured control of the House of Representatives, wresting absolute control of government from the Republicans and opening the prospect of a return to sensible, bipartisan government — if both parties are willing. 

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