The 2019 “American Muslim Poll,” which was released by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, found that 53% of Jewish Americans reported having favorable views of Muslims and the Muslim faith. Only 13% of Jews reported having negative views.

In an effort to shape the strategic direction of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix, the organization has made a change in its board of directors.  


It’s not a profound statement to say that the Hebrew Bible has been an incredible influence on the arts. For millennia, creative people from all walks of life have looked at (and into) the ancient words and applied, transmogrified and adapted the holy writ into lasting contributions of aesth…


There is a clear national consensus on the need for immigration reform. And there is hope that, even in the highly politicized environment of Capitol Hill, serious people will engage on the issues and work toward a solution with the give and take inherent in any meaningful negotiation — keep…

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