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Jewish News celebrates 70 years

On Jan. 15, 1948, the very first issue of the Jewish News was published. Almost four months to the day later, the State of Israel was founded. That has always been a source of pride for this newspaper. Obviously, we had nothing to do with the founding of Israel, but it does make us feel special that we share our birth year with the Jewish homeland.

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Trade groups to lead investors, business people on Israel trip

The Arizona Israel Technology Alliance and the Arizona Technology Council will lead a state contingent of business people and investors on a trip to Israel this October.

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Valley View Youth Business Out and About More Community

Local woman puts creative energy into citywide fitness initiative

Lauren Saks barely breaks a sweat as she jumps and squats while cheering on a panting crowd via her headset. You’d never know the leader of Fall into Fitness, a free group exercise class offer… Comments (0)


Finding Jewish Buenos Aires

Last April, my boyfriend, Brad, and I got bumped from a flight and each received $1,000 vouchers. We’d always been interested in Buenos Aires, so we planned a trip to Argentina. Gauchos! Tango! Steak! Jews!

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Religious Life

The pitfalls of anger

Parshat Korach, Numbers 16:1-18:32

Special Section: 70th Anniversary

Tracing cultural, community history in the JN archives

For the past year, I have been delving into the Jewish News’ archives for my Flashback series, starting with the paper’s first edition on Jan. 15, 1948. I’ve pored over issues that depicted how the Valley’s Jewish community reacted to events that affected Jews around the world, the creation of the state of Israel and national events that touched all Americans.

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Special Section: Family Matters

Mess-free indoor play ideal for summer fun

Summer has arrived and with it comes the heat, as well as the struggle to keep children engaged. Although pools and splash pads across the Valley definitely help, sometimes being outside in the sun is not safe and indoor play is the answer.


The chutzpah of Hamas

Like so many Yiddish words (and curses), the word “chutzpah” is very descriptive. The best definition is the old joke which appears in Leo Rosten’s classic lexicon, “The Joy of Yiddish.” He explains chutzpah as when you kill your parents, and then plead for mercy before the court because you are an orphan. That’s chutzpah!

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