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Developer seeks community support for preservation of historic Phoenix synagogue

Developer Michael Levine is passionate about 333 E. Portland St., where Phoenix’s first Orthodox synagogue, Beth Hebrew Congregation, stands. In fact, he is so passionate that he purchased the building in 2015 for $850,000, likely saving it from being demolished and replaced by a high-rise apartment.

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Phoenix Mikvah continues to raise funds as it nears completion

Phoenix may only receive an average of 8.04 inches of precipitation per year, but the Phoenix Mikvah is planning to put every drop of it to use once the building is completed.

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Arts & Culture

New Netflix documentary ‘One of Us’ showcases former members of Chasidic communities

It couldn’t exactly be called a fad, but North America’s Chasidic community has garnered a lot of attention of late.

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Religious Life

Should we fill pools or dig wells?

Parshat Toldot, Genesis 25:19–28:9

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Camp Newman community finds temporary home after fire

Although the wildfires in Northern California left most of URJ Camp Newman’s buildings in smoldering ruins, the speed with which past and current camp employees and campers, including many in the Valley, rallied to its aid has buoyed those grappling with the devastation.

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Challenges for the Democrats

At a reception in Washington last week, a group of Jewish Democrats announced the creation of a new organization to support the election of Democratic candidates nationally and to further the general agenda of Jewish Democrats, who tend to be center or center-left. That the coming out party happened the day after off-year elections produced two big wins for the Democrats certainly added to the celebration of the new organization’s goals.

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