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Hidden city revealed: Star of David atop auto body shop honors Jews of Mexico

There’s no shortage of auto body repair shops in the downtown Phoenix area, so much so that it’s difficult to distinguish one from another — that is, with the exception of Miguel’s Auto Body on 16th Street between Van Buren and Monroe streets. Atop the business is a 5-foot-tall Star of David.

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From corporate law to advocating for the disabled, Jeff Bernick’s big transition

After spending nearly 30 years as a lawyer, Jeff Bernick found the right time and the right opportunity to change careers and redirect his passion to a cause he truly loves — supporting the state’s disabled population.

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Calendar - Dec. 7, 2018



‘Promised Land’ an exploration of early Israel

Part love triangle, part war story, “Promised Land: A Novel of Israel” by Martin Fletcher spans the decades from Israel’s independence to 1967. While true historical figures — from David Ben-Gurion to Ariel Sharon — serve as characters, the story focuses primarily on a fictional family.

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Religious Life

The uniqueness of Chanukah

Chanukah is unlike all the other holidays we celebrate. Usually, festivities center around a meal, a kiddush, Hamotzi and festive foods fulfilling our physical needs. 

Special Section: Charitable Giving

Tax credits available for giving to JTO

Giving to support the community is admirable. Giving to perpetuate the Jewish faith is a mitzvah. 

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Special Section: Senior Lifestyle

5 remodeling tips for living (and aging) in place

We are fortunate enough to live in one of the best retirement states around, which makes living and aging in place an important topic for most homeowners. Americans today are more active than ever, and your home needs to be able to adapt to all of your life stages as your age.

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George H.W. Bush, a mensch

Former President George H. W. Bush is being remembered this week as a mensch, as well as a model of duty and service. His family and friends are even referring to him as the best one-term president in the history of our country. And while it may be that Bush was all of the above, there is no question that our fondness for the man has something to do with the healing effect of the passage of time since his presidency in 1989-1993, let alone with the more balanced public persona he projected in contrast to our current experience.  

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