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Erika Neuberg spent 25 years in private practice as a clinical psychologist before transitioning to a life-coaching practice three years ago. Over the course of her professional life she carefully honed her listening and negotiating skills. She now stands ready to use both as part of the Ari…

Arin Finger was ready for the biggest youth sports league season yet: 2,500 kids had jerseys and were assigned to different sports teams. They were on rosters and scheduled to compete. It was April of last year, just when the COVID-19 pandemic began to wreak havoc and “everything came crumbl…

The Arizona Jewish Post was one of the first things that made Michelle Blumenberg, University of Arizona Hillel Foundation’s executive director, feel welcome when she moved to Tuscon in 1992.

Aileen Becker’s oldest daughter was in the first class of Shearim Torah High School for Girls in 2007. “They’ve produced a lot of bright girls who have done very well academically,” she said. But it just wasn’t the right fit for her 15-year-old daughter.

Koral Zaarur sometimes worries her prominence as a Jewish student leader at Arizona State University makes her an easy target for anti-Semites. “I’m hated by some because of my religion,” she said. She finds herself wondering whether “someone will act on this hatred.”


Maybe it’s the fact that the wave of insider accounts of the Trump administration seems to have finally crested. Maybe everyone had a lot of time for high-yield contemplation during 2020. Maybe the entire publishing industry wanted to create some difficult choices for me, personally.

Every Purim growing up, my grandma, mom, sister and I would spend time together baking loads of hamantaschen for everyone to enjoy. I can still picture all of us together — laughing, enjoying each other’s company and baking for hours.

Religious Life

On Thursday night we begin our celebration of the most irreverent of Jewish observances — Purim. During this holiday, we read the scroll of Esther, exchange gifts of food, mishloach manot, with friends, acquaintances and family and also offer gifts to the poor. Furthermore, it is considered …


Texas has long prided itself on its individualism, its independence and its deep natural and…

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